How COVID-19 has affected my life, Vicki Rhoades, ND

Hello.  My life is affected in so many ways.  Here are a few.
1.  As a PCP in private practice, the clinic where I rent has been open to one provider at a time, with patients scheduled such that there is no waiting in the waiting area.  This has vastly reduced the number of patients I see with a corresponding reduction in income.  I also introduced telemedicine, and may also introduce house calls shortly.  These are cash visits, but I really don’t make much money from them.  Still a vast reduction in income.  I do these things to reduce risk, both to myself and my patients.
2.  As someone very close to the “increased risk” age range, I have vastly reduced my social conversations in real life.  While I tend to be an introvert, this definitely changes my ability to see friends.  Zoom is good, phone calls are okay, but the true face to face conversations have a depth to them that virtual reality does not convey.  Still, I do these things too.
3.  Perhaps the most disturbing to me is the inability to visit my mother, who is in her late 80s.  I call her twice daily to “check in.”  She asks me repeatedly, “how much longer will this go on.”  I answer repeatedly, “I don’t know, mom.”  Because, really, I do NOT know how much longer.  It depends on so many things, both known and unknown: will people behave as I do?  will the government rules change yet again?  how does this virus behave, REALLY?  (etc etc)In the face of uncertainty, and a desire to continue to serve all while still protecting myself and others, I carry on.  I have no idea of how much longer this is practical.  Still.

Sincerely, and thanks to Whole Washington for asking.
Vicki Rhoades, ND
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