Huge Healthcare News Friday!! Both State & National!

What a week for healthcare! Spring is off to a great start for genuine progress.

First up, our big update:

Yes! On Thursday evening, after many reviews, our Campaign Director pressed SUBMIT. The initiative to create the first state-wide, non-profit, public healthcare system in the U.S. has been filed with the Secretary of State!

What’s next?

The legislation will be reviewed by the Code Revisor, we’ll make any needed updates, receive a ballot title and summary, and once that’s approved, we’ll get a number. Then, the petitions go to print and the distribution begins. (Please reply to me if you want to help with this.)

Urgent Fundraiser

Knowing we’re this close to print time, the #PrintOurPetitions fundraiser becomes super important. The sooner we secure the $20K, the sooner we can get out on the streets gathering signatures. And if you’re unaware, we have a $10,000 match for this fundraiser! The amazing thing about the match? The matching donors are the same motivated volunteers that show up every week for this campaign! It’s been incredibly moving to see volunteers dig so deep. Their donations of $500, $1000 are a source of motivation, and we can’t let them down!

Carey Wallace wearing WW Tshirt & quote to support petition fundraiser


Next, we’re incredibly excited…

Movement at the Federal level

Word on the street is that both the U. S. House and the Senate will re-introduce Medicare for All legislation very soon! And, just as exciting– M4A will have a hearing in the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. Examining Pathways to Universal Health Coverage takes place this Tuesday 3/29!

What does this mean?

It means it’s time to pick up that phone! We have two U.S. Senators and several U.S. Representatives that need to co-sponsor this Medicare for All legislation! We’ll remind you about this bright and early on Monday, but let’s prepare to light up that switchboard during the hearing.

2019 visit to Rep Kilmer's office

Plus, we have our very own messenger

Just like 2019, Operations Director Georgia Davenport is heading to D.C. for the hearing. She’ll be there to represent our support for Medicare for All and will meet in person with every available elected official from Washington State. So valuable! She’s there to tell YOUR story. If you have a message you want relayed in person, Georgia will make that contact. And not only will she press for M4A, she’ll emphasize the benefits of passing legislation to help state movements like ours.

  • If you have a message or story to relay, email
  • If you’re able to support her journey, contribute to the GoFundMe. This was a last minute announcement, and the trip is pricey!


Solidarity with the States

Our Campaign Director Andre Stackhouse just arrived in Maine to meet with other activists and help out with a signature gathering campaign there! Maine is also trying to get Universal Healthcare on the ballot.

Hand holding a wood clipboard with Universal Healthcare for Maine sticker

We’re thrilled to connect with other state-based organizations like Maine Healthcare Action and cheer each other on to victory. Looking forward to Andre’s report.

If you’ve been a bit out of the loop, now’s the perfect time to engage with the campaign. Sign up to volunteer or donate if you’re able. We’re ready to get to work & pass Universal Healthcare.

Until next week. Solidarity!


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