We’ve Been Endorsed by the Tenants Union!

We’re proud to announce the Washington Tenants Union has officially endorsed our statewide universal healthcare ballot initiative, I-1471.

The Tenants Union advocates for affordable housing and the rights of tenants as well as the unhoused. Their work is ever more relevant as rent prices continue to spike nationwide.

This endorsement is a sign of forward momentum for our ballot initiative, and it represents the kind of cross-movement solidarity that can help us achieve tangible success. We share many goals—justice, economic freedom, expanded civil rights—with other organizations, and we hope to continue to grow the movement for universal healthcare.

Housing and healthcare are interconnected problems with disproportionate representation. Despite often living under the worst effects of our current for-profit system, those who are unhoused are often left out of conversations about healthcare. For a new healthcare system to be truly universal—which is ultimately our goal, a system that cares for all individuals without exception—everyone needs to be represented in the movement because everyone has a stake in the future we are fighting for. The cost of rent, paired with the cruelty of needless evictions and the archaic and costly application process, can often compound the effects of for-profit health insurance, worsening the financial crises many Americans are saddled with.

We have a chance to make historic progress. Together, and only together, can we win this fight. As we prepare to collect signatures for I-1471, we thank the Tenants Union for their endorsement.

For more information about the Washington Tenants Union and what they do, visit their website.

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