Mike collecting signatures in Bremerton

Campaign Update 5.24.22

Our signature gathering is gaining momentum and the positive response has been absolutely thrilling. Take a look at the tangible results of our work.

“Friends – this is an envelope containing 50 fully filled, fully data-entered signature sheets for I-1471. That is to say, 1,000 signatures for universal healthcare ready to be validated.”


And this is a shot of a successful haul from Spokane! Yes, the east side of the state demands Universal Healthcare too.

Gathering signatures for I-1471 is one of the most fun and rewarding things you can do this summer. Want to join us and make Universal Healthcare a reality?


Calling all volunteers–We need you at Folklife!

If you’re within range to consider a trip to Seattle this holiday weekend, we’d love your help. With over 250,000 attendees, the Northwest Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center can be a windfall of signatures. It’s impossible to have too many volunteers for this event.

Folklife poster

There’s a Google sheet in the 4 days of calendar listings (Fri-Mon) where you can sign up for a shift or two (…or five). Let’s make the most of these happy crowds!

We’re Ferry-Ready

Our volunteers are out at sea and in the terminals. Bainbridge, Bremerton, and more. Thanks to everyone making these face-to-face contacts with ferry commuters!

New T-Shirts are at the printers

As volunteer Dave S says, ‘We’re not a real campaign without T-shirts and buttons!’ We hear you, Dave, and a batch of 100 new shirts are at the printers right now. The front is going to be our logo that we’re loving so much:

Use this form and we’ll set aside a size for you (first come/first served) and coordinate getting the shirt to you.

By the way, as of May 23rd we’ve raised over $18,702 – all thanks to you! PLEASE help push us over $20K this week. It’s time to hit this goal.


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