🍎 Marching Ahead, Rain or Shine 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Come rain or shine, Whole Washington volunteers are busy traversing the state collecting signatures for universal healthcare! Remember, every Monday at 7 pm is our volunteer working meeting, and this week, there are plenty of opportunities to join us in reaching our goal of 400,000 signatures.

Weekly Signature Count: 13,127

This is a good start! But it’s only 3% of our target goal. With your help, we can reach our goal of 400,000 signatures by December.

Where to Join Us This Week

TACOMA: JUNE 22, WRIGHT PARK, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

SPOKANE: JUNE 25 & 26, HOOPFEST, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM



Please RSVP to the above events if you are planning to attend! This helps us anticipate how many volunteers we will have. You can find the nearest event on our calendar.

Each event we attend confirms that gathering signatures for I-1471 is one of the most fun and rewarding things you can do this summer. Join us and make Universal Healthcare a reality.


LGBTQ+ Healthcare Activists – We 😍 YOU!

Pride events are amazing! This week, we’re especially excited for Seattle PrideFest – Saturday, June 25, on Capitol Hill, because of Capitol Hill’s historic role in shaping Seattle’s LGBTQ+ community.

And we’re thrilled to be in the Seattle Pride Parade on Sunday, June 26thThis is a call out to all our LGBTQ+ volunteers to join the Whole Washington parade party! It’s time to be celebrated, so please RSVP if you want in the parade fun and spotlight.

We’d also love to hear & share your healthcare stories and what #UniversalHealthcare would mean to you. Include your thoughts in the RSVP!

Register for Monday’s Meeting Now

Tonight’s meeting will have a strong focus on the Seattle Pride events coming up this weekend. Some topics:

  • Prepping for Pride – who’s available to make signs for our mini-parade float, print buttons and literature and other crafty, hands-on things?
  • Being in the Parade vs. Working the crowd for signatures – how do you want to be involved?

New Volunteers are Pouring in!

And we need more shirts. Please help us make sure our volunteers are ready to hit the streets.

Could you support a volunteer by contributing $25 for their shirt? They’re putting in the long hours for the campaign. Let’s treat them right!

It’s a Movie Night Fundraiser – Monday 6/27

The Health Care Movie, narrated by Kiefer Sutherland, sounds amazing. Read more about it here. Please BYOD (Bring Your Own Dinner), and we’ll enjoy Movie Night together. Remember, this is a fundraiser, so donate what you’re able. We’re looking forward to enjoying this evening with you.

Grassroots campaigning means that we all have to work together. We really cannot do this without your support. If you can’t join us as a volunteer, consider making a financial contribution.

In solidarity,

Whole Washington

P.S. For a high-level overview of our plan for 2022 check out our campaign video.

The liveliest place on our website is the Whole Washington Events Calendar. This is your one-stop shop to find upcoming Signature Collection Events and links to Zoom meetings and webinars! New events are added regularly.

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