Where Can I Sign? / Petition Locations

Use the map below to find locations where you can:

  • Sign a Petition
    • Please note, the Secretary of State requires 'wet' signatures for ballot initiatives. There is no online option to sign.
  • Pick Up Volunteer Supplies / Return Completed Petitions
    • Bins are stocked with boards, petitions, pens, literature. If you need something specific, you may want to text ahead.
    • Some bins may have vests for collecting at ferries, T-shirts, stickers, etc.

How to use the map

  • Click  the '+' several times to zoom in, then click to 'grab' the map and move it around  or
  • Use the Search box


Would you like to be a Bin Host?

Before you continue, remember that the map above, which will contain the information about yourself and your location that you enter here, is publicly displayed on our website.

  • Bins will be stocked with supplies for volunteers, including:
    • Petitions, boards, vests, literature, field kits, pens, etc.
  • First, check the map to make sure there's not a bin close-by already
  • To be a beneficial bin location, you should
    • be centrally located in your area
    • have a covered area out of the weather and
    • have safe, free parking while petitions are dropped off or picked up
  • You may need to supply a bin. A plastic tub with a lid works great.
    • We'll work with you on stocking it

Are you with a Business that would like to Host a Petition?

  • Ask a Whole Washington volunteer to fill out the form for you or
  • Send an email to [email protected] advising that you'd like to have petitions to sign
  • We're grateful that you're offering your location and want to make it as easy on you as possible!