Group Walk Starter Kit

First, thank you for considering this important (and fun) role. We need you.

So let’s start with a quick recommendation. Find a buddy. Be Co-Leads! Everything feels manageable with a partner and support. 

What’s Required of Group Walk Leads? 

There’s one primary responsibility. Determine the Date, Start Time and Start Location. As far as location goes, we recommend starting somewhere with access to bathrooms! Water and snacks are great too.

Then, scout out a  route. The length is totally up to you. We recommend 3-5 miles minimum; More than that is really ambitious and definitely impressive. Just remember that donations are fixed–there not per mile, so there’s no financial incentive to walk farther.

Another logistical tip: do a loop! That gets your walkers back to their car if they drove. If you don’t do a loop, think about public transit or carpools to get your walkers where they need to be after. They may be tired!

As soon as you have those logistical details nailed down, send an email to:  

We’ll create an event on our fundraising site and add a link to the Whole Washington site.

What’s Next? 

  • Think about public visibility for your route. Groups walking together can create attention and awareness. 
  • It’s helpful to have a table with literature and a charged laptop or tablet so people can sign the Volunteer Form on the spot.
  • Find volunteers that aren’t walking that can hang at the table & welcome walkers. 
  • If not everyone knows each other, you might bring Name Tags to encourage connecting. 

Just as important: TAKE PHOTOS! 

  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as you go.
    • Use hashtags #WholeWashingtonWalks #WhyIWalk #InitiativePower, etc. 
  • Maybe you know someone with a snazzy camera and they could take pictures? Or someone who does videography?
  • Facebook Live? Instagram Stories? Yes! Highly encouraged.

What Else Can You Do?

Want to throw yourself even farther into it? Ask for local Sponsorships. Maybe a cafe can cover morning coffee for all the walkers. Maybe a local bar could buy the first round or have a drink special with donations going to Whole WA. If you find sponsor(s), let us know and we’ll help with acknowledgements. 

Also let us know of any local papers where we can send a press release. Get us on local calendars (online or in print). Put flyers in stores. Think of creative ways to get the word out.

Donations + Walkers = LOVE

Keep asking for donations and new walkers right up to your Walk Day. There’s a $10 Registration fee but no fundraising minimum. Aim high! People believe in this cause and this is a concrete way to bring about healthcare transformation!