In the Press

“…the need to address racial disparities — make universal healthcare an urgent priority. The Governor’s Interagency Council on Health Disparities shows how intertwined healthcare is with disparities in housing, education, and more, Hasegawa said. “It’s pretty clear that everything is related to health.”

“…there is a solution. We can join the rest of the developed world by offering universal health care, saving money as well as lives. There’s a bill in our Legislature which would create that system: SB 5204. But our senator in the Vancouver area won’t let the bill have a hearing. No surprise, she gets campaign contributions from insurance and pharmaceutical companies…”

Steve and Leah Perkel
Vancouver, WA

“…Senate Bill 5204, The Whole Washington Health Trust, submitted by Sen.Bob Hasegawa, D-11th District) is a comprehensive universal healthcare plan ready to be implemented. It creates a statewide trust to fund affordable healthcare that includes vision, dental, and even mental health for all Washington residents, regardless of employment. We’ve been waiting for a bill like this for decades…”

Danielle Douthett, Olalla WA

“…To that end, the 20th Legislative District Democrats voted to endorse SB 5204 because comprehensive, quality healthcare is critical and universal healthcare systems have been proven time and time again to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Senate Bill 5204 includes a fully-funded transition plan, allows Washingtonians the choice to opt in, allows for negotiation of drug prices and includes much needed cost capitations and out of pocket maximums that are truly affordable (e.g. $200 per month premiums and $250 per year for medications). SB 5204 will improve the overall health and wellness of Washingtonians and save billions of state and taxpayer dollars.“

Carey Wallace RN, MSN, MBA