In the Press

“Legislation guarantees health care to everyone as a human right by providing comprehensive benefits including primary care, vision, dental, prescription drugs, mental health, long-term services and supports, reproductive health care, and more with no copays, private insurance premiums, deductibles, or other cost-sharing. “

“In Washington we have a unique chance to pioneer single payer, thanks to a group of healthcare professionals, activists and volunteers who’ve developed a plan for universal, publicly financed healthcare in Washington state. The Whole Washington Health Trust, introduced in Senate as SB 5204, is complete and comprehensive and could enable a transition to single payer starting in 2023.”

Lori Bernstein, Port Townsend

“…the need to address racial disparities — make universal healthcare an urgent priority. The Governor’s Interagency Council on Health Disparities shows how intertwined healthcare is with disparities in housing, education, and more, Hasegawa said. “It’s pretty clear that everything is related to health.”

“…there is a solution. We can join the rest of the developed world by offering universal health care, saving money as well as lives. There’s a bill in our Legislature which would create that system: SB 5204. But our senator in the Vancouver area won’t let the bill have a hearing. No surprise, she gets campaign contributions from insurance and pharmaceutical companies…”

Steve and Leah Perkel
Vancouver, WA

“…Senate Bill 5204, The Whole Washington Health Trust, submitted by Sen.Bob Hasegawa, D-11th District) is a comprehensive universal healthcare plan ready to be implemented. It creates a statewide trust to fund affordable healthcare that includes vision, dental, and even mental health for all Washington residents, regardless of employment. We’ve been waiting for a bill like this for decades…”

Danielle Douthett, Olalla WA