Whole Washington Literature

Quarter Sheets for I-1362

  • Take these with you when you’re out collecting signatures!
  • 4 per page. Great for handouts

Half Sheets for I-1362

  • Print it out doubled-sided and cut in half.
  • Shows calculations for revenue sources.

Volunteer Sign Up Forms

Note: Literature below will be updated soon.


  • Also includes Benefits and Financial Contributions

Business Literature

  • Savings for Residents, Providers, and Businesses. With FAQs


Slideshow shorter version



Whole Washington and State-Based Universal Healthcare – Cindy Jacobs (video – 09/20)

Executive Summary of Financial Analysis by Dr. Gerald Friedman (17 pages)

Full Economic Analysis by Dr. Gerald Friedman (63 pages)

Dr. Gerald Friedman’s Lecture in Shoreline (video)

Companion Presentation to Dr. Friedman’s Lecture (slides)

Single Payer / Universal Healthcare Resources

Learn more about the concept of Single Payer healthcare systems in general

Great for house-parties and fundraisers:

Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point

  • Approximately 60 minutes. Free

Now is the Time: Healthcare for Everybody

  • 70 or 35 minute versions. Pay Per View $4.99 / Download for $20

ONE Payer States Videos

Helpful videos on a variety of topics like Talking to Business Owners, Healthcare Costs & more.

200911 How-to-Think-About-Fiscal-Studies-of-Single-Payer-LR (2017_12_08 22_00_20 UTC)

  • by Len Rodberg (January 2017)