Monthly Premium

Everyone over the age of 19 and in a household earning over 200% of the Federal Poverty Line (FPL) will contribute a Monthly Premium if they enroll in the Whole Washington Health plan.

  • The Monthly Premium will not exceed $200/month per adult. (Section 111 Item 3)
  • The board defines the premium each year and is required to reduce as much as possible. (section 116 item 2a)
  • Our economist, Dr. Gerald Friedman, predicts the premium may eventually be eliminated. In the financial analysis for I-1600, he used a monthly premium amount of $134 per month, which is equal to current Medicare Part B premium.
  • Employers may choose to pay all or part of the monthly premium as part of an employee’s benefit package.

If an employer does not cover the Monthly Premium, individuals will pay the amount directly, much like a monthly insurance payment.

First, determine if your household is over 200% of the FPL and will contribute a Monthly Premium.

If Your Household Size is 200% of FPL is
1 $24,280
2 $32,920
3 $41,560
4 $50,200
5 $58, 840

Next, if yes, the below illustrates how the Monthly Premium amounts could be adjusted for lower income households.

This is based on Dr. Friedman’s model which the Whole Washington Board of Trustees could choose to adopt or forego in favor of their own analysis. (See page 41 of Dr. Friedman’s economic analysis). The only premium requirements in the initiative are a maximum of $200 per month with a directive to lower as much as possible in each annual budget.

If Household Percentage

over the FPL is

The Monthly Premium

Per Adult (over 19)  is

200-233%($24,281 – $28,286)

$34 / month

234-267%($28, 287 – $32,414)

$67 / month

268-300%($32,415 – $36,420)

$101 / month

Over 300%($36,421+)

$134 / month

This flexible revenue source allows the Whole Washington Health Trust to fully operate and fund healthcare services. It’s important to note the Monthly Premium can be adjusted as needed under the direction of the Board of Trustees, and the Board is obligated to make the rate is as low as possible. In a best-case scenario, the Monthly Premium can even go away but can be restored, if needed.

See Page 9 Section 107 and Pages 12-13, Section 111 in the full text of the bill