Signature Gathering Tips

Thanks for volunteering!

With your help, we’ll win Universal Healthcare for everyone in Washington

Before You Head Out

While You’re Gathering

  • Stay positive / Enjoy yourself. Winning arguments isn’t necessary.
  • Focus on signatures over conversations.
  • Offer quarter sheets and the website for questions you can’t answer.
  • Ask signers if they’re registered voters. If they’re not, they can sign, but they must go to the Sec of State website to register ASAP.
  • Have the signers write as legibly as possible. Some fields are small. A signature and a clearly printed name are most important.
  • Email and phone number are optional. We will not share signers’ info.
    • If they select ‘opt-in’, they will receive our newsletter.
  • Let signers know we’re an all-volunteer effort. Ask if they want to take a petition for their friends and family or volunteer with us.
  • Use the Volunteer Sheet to capture their info or whatever is handy.

Turning in Your Petitions

  • You can return completed and partially-completed petitions. They don’t need to be fully filled.
  • Before turning in, unfold and open each petition and sign on the back, in the lower corner.
  • Do not cut or photo-copy the petitions.
  • Drop petitions off at Petition Bins, hand-off to another volunteer if arrangements have been made, or mail them back.
    • Mail to: Whole Washington, PO Box 928 , Bothell WA 98041
    • One petition can be mailed with 3 postage stamps.
  • Need more petitions? Refer back to the Get Petitions page.