Signature Gathering

Thanks for volunteering!

With your help, we’ll win Universal Healthcare for everyone in Washington

Training Videos

Petitions   (4 mins)

How To Gather Signatures  (13 mins)

Before You Head Out

While You’re Gathering

  • Stay positive / Enjoy yourself. Winning arguments isn’t necessary and you’re doing important work that will help others. There is real joy in that.
  • Focus on signatures over conversations.
  • Offer quarter sheets and the website for questions you can’t answer.
  • Ask signers if they’re registered voters. If they’re not, they can sign, but they must go to the Sec of State website to register ASAP.
  • Have the signers write as legibly as possible. Some fields are small. A signature and a clearly printed name are most important.
  • The last 2 columns (email and mobile) are optional. They’re for those that want to receive campaign updates. We will not share signers’ info.
    • There’s a separate box if the signer would like to volunteer.
  • Let signers know we’re an all-volunteer effort. Ask if they want to take a petition for their friends and family or volunteer with us.
    • Use the Volunteer Sheet to capture their info or whatever is handy.

Turning in Your Petitions

  • Do not cut or photo-copy the petitions.
  • You can return completed and partially-completed petitions. They don’t need to be fully filled.
  • Before turning in, unfold and open each petition and sign on the back, in the lower corner.
  • Drop petitions off at Petition Bins, hand-off to another volunteer if arrangements have been made, or mail them back to:
    • Whole Washington, PO Box 928 , Bothell WA 98041
    • Single petitions can be folded and taped and mailed with $1.20 in postage.
      • 2 Forever stamps and 2 $.05 stamps
  • Need more petitions? Refer back to the Get Petitions page.