The Roadmap

UPDATED January, 2021

Whole Washington is committed to passing Universal Healthcare, and we support all efforts to achieve a single payer system. We’re fighting at the local, state, and national level, but on this page we’ll focus on the state-based campaign. We’re pushing for the Whole Washington Health Trust using both the ballot initiative process and the Washington State legislature simultaneously.

Legislative Effort

SB 5204 Creating the Whole Washington Health Trust has been introduced in the WA State Senate!

The prime sponsor is Senator Bob Hasegawa from the 11th LD. Six Senators have co-sponsored:

  • Senator Patty Kuderer in the 48th LD
  • Senator Marko Liias in the 21st LD
  • Senator Liz Lovelett in the 40th LD
  • Senator Joe Nguyen in the 34th LD
  • Senator Derek Stanford in the 1st LD
  • Senator Claire Wilson in the 30th LD

Please contact your legislators and voice your support.

  • Request that the bill be let of committee. We need a public hearing.

The Legislature Helpline will help connect you: 360-786-7573

Make an online comment and send to all 3 of your elected officials.

Initiative Effort (also known as a Ballot Measure)

In Washington State, we’re fortunate to have the Initiative process. When our elected officials fail to pass needed legislation, we the people have the power to pass our own laws.

There are two types of initiatives: 1) to the Legislature and 2) to the People. Filing to the Legislature provides more time to collect signatures. The ‘to the People’ deadline is July, while the ‘to the Legislature’ deadline is December. We’ll file the initiative to the Legislature, but that could change if we’re on pace to meet the July deadline, which would most likely require paid signature gatherers.


  • When we file: mid-March 2021
  • When we start collecting signatures: April 2021
    • Number of valid signatures needed: approx. 350,000.
  • Deadline to turn in signatures: December 30, 2021

If we turn in the required number of verified signatures by the deadline, the legislature can do one of three things. They can:

  1. Pass it As Is in early 2022 OR
  2. Edit it and put a competing measure on the ballot for a vote in November 2022 (Both versions must be on the ballot)  OR
  3. Put the initiative on the ballot As Is for a vote in November 2022. This is what usually happens.

For more info see the Secretary of State’s page on Initiatives and Referenda

What Does Signature Collection Look Like During a Pandemic?

We confess we can’t predict what our world will look like in April of next year when we start collecting signatures. If we base our plans on current conditions, we won’t have big public events to get the high numbers of signatures that we normally could. Instead…

  • We’ll do a lot of mailing, keeping in mind that postage and printing petitions is very pricey.
  • All volunteers that set up tables or canvas will need protection, like masks, sanitizer, etc.
  • Our plan is to have more volunteers that will need to collect fewer signatures. We’ll spread out this labor of love and get it done safely.