Volunteer Milestones

White Center Pride

Collecting signatures for universal healthcare is fun, rewarding, and easy! This is a popular policy all over the state, and people want a choice from what we have.

Being a Signature Captain means committing to 500 signatures. With some consistency and/or working large events, 500 is an absolutely achievable goal. We believe that once you make that milestone, you’ll want to keep going. You can do this!

Check out these amazing signature milestones:

Signatures Collected and Entered

Last updated: 8/3/22

500+ Signatures

Adrian W.
Christa E.
Cil P.
Dave S.
Eileen B.
Georgia D.
Janet Y.
Jenny M.
John G.
Judy D.
Kathryn L.
Linda B.
Linda C.
Lisa C.
Michelle B.
Roxanne T.
Scott D.
Veronica G.

1000+ Signatures

Andre S.
John G.
Judy D.
Carey W.
Merle A.
Michelle B.
Pam K.

1500+ Signatures

Jen N.
Kelsey B.
Lana B.
Laura F.
Maralyn C.

2000+ Signatures

Lori B.

2500+ Signatures

3000+ Signatures

3500+ Signatures

4000+ Signatures

4500+ Signatures

Karen S.

5000+ Signatures