Volunteer Resources

The STUFF you need to collect signatures for I-1471

How to get petitions, the petition itself, petition boards, and more.

HOW-TO collect signatures for I-1471

Volunteer Training: The main questions you’ll get, where to find answers, and the approach for collecting signatures to get Universal Healthcare for Washington State on the ballot.

Cindy Black Ballot Measure Training for Whole WA - Signature Gathering Tips and Tricks.

In depth tutorial with tips and tricks for collecting signatures for ballot initiative 1471

Materials You Can Print at Home or at a Local Printer

Handheld Sign (11 x 8.5) 'Universal Healthcare for Washington State / Sign Here!'

Laminate it and hold it up in a crowd. Draws people to you!

Big Sign (17 x 11) 'Universal Healthcare for Washington State / Sign Here!'

Great for windows and store-fronts!

Home Print Poster (PDF, 8.5 x11")

Flier your whole neighborhood! Put these up on utility poles and community bulletin boards.

Petition Board Backer with QR Code (11 x 17)

Make your own boards. Print locally and tape to the back of yard signs cut in half.

Quarter Sheets-Color-Front & Back (Downloadable PDF)

Quarter Sheet Color Front (PNG)

Quarter Sheet Color Back (PNG)

Quarter Sheet Color Front-PRIDE Design (PNG)

Perfect for passing out to voters. Back has QR code that goes to our website. Looks good in color or black & white.

See our full digital toolkit (Google Drive folder)

Other Resources

 Slide Presentation (Google Slides)

Completed some sheets?

2022 Whole Washington Data Entry Instructions

If you don't want to do data-entry, no problem! Simply turn in your completed sheets where you picked them up or mail them in to the Post Office Box listed on the petition.