Volunteer Role Descriptions

Ways to Be Involved During Signature Collection

During the Signature Gathering Phase, there are other ways to help in addition to collecting signatures. Check out these options:

  • Petitions in Businesses Coordinator – You’d ask local businesses to ‘Host a Petition’. We’d supply signage, information and petitions, then customers that frequent the business could sign whenever they wished. You’d commit to picking up the completed petitions, turning them in, and restocking as needed.
  • Petition Mailer – You’d fulfill requests for more petitions. Voters can order petitions online, you would mail them out from your home.
  • Petition Pick Up / Drop Off Point – Your home or business would serve as a secure place where volunteers could pick up blank petitions and drop off completed petitions. You’d be responsible for mailing completed petitions to our central PO Box.
  • Signature Counter – You’d pick up petitions from our central P.O. Box, count the signatures and add them to our running total. This role would require being near the P.O. Box.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – You would ensure there’s volunteer coverage at standing events or high-traffic locations like Farmers Markets, grocery stores, etc. You’d recruit local volunteers, create shifts, and store/deliver/pick-up supplies like tables, signage, petitions, pens, and literature.

Beyond Gathering Signatures, How Else Would You Like to Help?

There’s a lot of opportunity to be involved. Some examples and descriptions below. Our most critical need right now is help with fundraising!

  • Artist / Maker
    You like to create, solve problems, and send messages in new ways. Maybe it’s something physical and tangible like with rally signs or banners or maybe it’s something artistic we can’t even imagine.
  • Business Advocate
    You may have a background or an interest in working with businesses to show them the value of universal healthcare. Experience with insurance policies/claims for businesses would be helpful but not necessary. We’re looking for advocates to go on a listening and socialization tour.
  • Event Planner / Fundraiser
    You have either experience or enthusiasm for bringing in donations. You may like handling the logistics and events, like securing a venue, providing snacks, coordinating volunteers. Or you may have great ideas or connections to help us fill the coffers.
  • Field Organizer
    You would organize and recruit volunteers on a local level within a district. You can rally the troops behind a cause, plan ahead, and build relationships.
  • Graphic Designer
    Help us get our message across visually. You would design posters, literature, website graphics, etc., and build a recognizable presence for our organization.
  • Legislative Aid
    You like to read legislation, can understand it, and are able to translate it in an understandable way. You may be needed to respond to questions on Whole Washington’s behalf.
  • Phone Banker / Texter
    You would help us make calls or send texts to volunteers or donors (Don’t worry. Cold calling is very rare.) This is mostly used to notify members of our organization about events or calls to action.
  • Photographer / Videographer
    You remember to take photos at events. You’ve got a good camera that can take high resolution photos for print on online use. You may also like to live-stream or create short educational videos.
  • Public Speaker
    You can speak to groups of different sizes. You’re comfortable at house parties or events or testifying to elected officials. There’s never been a microphone you didn’t like.
  • Social Media
    You’re savvy with messaging, current news topics and keeping our presence active. You can work with graphic designers and writers to inspire action and engagement. You may also respond to inquiries or comments on Whole Washington’s behalf.
  • Universal Healthcare Super Fan
    You show up. Whenever you’re able, you’ll get your body, your voice, your presence where it’s needed. It could be a rally or a march or lecture or even a door-to-door canvas. You like to make in-person connections.
  • Writer / Editor
    You know the power of the written word and can write letters to the editor, newsletter stories, email blasts, etc. You might also be needed to review and edit other’s work.