Walk-a-thon FAQs

What's the Walkathon about?

A   We have a few goals we'd like to achieve. We need to raise money. Initiatives are very expensive endeavors. In addition to printing and postage for petitions, we want to hire a staff. We know it's a tough time with a lot of candidates and organizations jockeying for your support. You may be feeling, understandably, tapped out. We hope you can give to Whole Washington. We'd be thrilled with numerous small donations. We appreciate you standing up for this vital cause.

Additionally, we want to get the word out on our initiative campaign. We're doing an initiative to the legislature and will start gathering signatures in March 2020.

And maybe most of all, we want people to connect. Great ideas bloom when you're out walking, and we hope a lot of people get out to meet face-to-face and step away from the screens to talk healthcare, all over the state.

Signing Up

A   Yes, it's $10 per person.

There's no fundraising minimum, but shoot for the stars! We've got nothing to lose and Universal Healthcare to gain.

A    First, Register to Walk 

You'll select the $10 Registration Fee and add it to your cart and check out. Once that's complete, you'll be able to create your Login and Password.

From there, you can Log In and create Your Page. This is your chance to let the world know why this is important to you. You'll see these Sub-Tabs:

  • Settings: Adjust your Goal here. Aim high!
  • Statement: There is content about Whole Washington and what the money will go to available already, but focus on the Why This Walk Is Important to Me. In fact, you may want to move that section to the top.
  • Pictures/Videos: You can add up to 4 photos/videos to your statement, and although it's kind of a pain, it's highly recommended.

Once you've got this built, you can share the link in email and Social Media. Ask everyone to help and spread the word.

Then decide when/where you walk.

Check out our Event Page for a Group Walk near you.

Nothing close? You can Host your Own! Check out the Group Walk Starter Kit. Let us know the details, and we'll post it for you.

You can also simply walk on any day you choose. Pick a Tuesday after work. Do an urban hike through the neighborhood. You do you. Just take a pic or post your thoughts on your day. Where and far did you walk? What motivated you? We want to hear your stories!


A     Absolutely! Sit down, have some lunch, be kind to yourself. This isn't a race by any means.

Make sure to give yourselves a chance to celebrate. We encourage a meal and/or drinks with your newfound friends. Connect and save the world!

A  No need! We're all walking on the honor system, and since the donation typed is for fixed amounts and not pledge per mile, there's no benefit to walking longer.

That being said, we'd love to see where you walked. There are free apps that capture distance, elevation, route, photos taken, etc. while you were walking. We'd love to hear about your experience. Share with us!

A Absolutely. That's amazing! We'd welcome your walking support at any and all walks. Fundraising pages will be up until at least the end of September.


A: Absolutely! That's great. On the Find a Walker page, there's also a Make a General Donation button. Your support will help us get closer to the goal.

A This is considered a political campaign, and this information is needed to remain PDC compliant.

A   No. We are not a 501c3.