What Whole Washington Supports

Whole Washington Supports Legislation and Campaigns That Are…

  1. Universal/Accessible – Can everyone enroll?
  2. Affordable – Does it remove all financial barriers from seeking care? 
  3. Non-Profit, Publicly-Funded – Does a government entity reimburse providers directly without contracting with private insurers?
  4. Comprehensive – Does coverage include essential benefits such as dental, vision, audiology, and mental health services?
  5. Fully Realized Legislation – Does it create an implementable program within a determined timeline while meeting the first four filters?

We do not support incrementalism or efforts that further entrench the for-profit system.

The ultimate goal is National Improved Medicare for All at the federal level. Whole Washington fully supports and participates in efforts to pass national, single payer legislation, and we enthusiastically endorse the Medicare for All Act of 2021. Thank you, Representative Jayapal and Representative Dingell for its introduction. We will continue to pressure our U.S. lawmakers to co-sponsor single payer bills and encourage volunteers to contact their elected officials for their support.

We also support Ro Khanna’s State-Based Universal Healthcare Act.

We don’t see an obvious or urgent path to passage at the federal level, so we push for Universal Healthcare at the state-level as well. We have a bill in the State legislature and are running an Initiative to the Legislature to create the Whole Washington Health Trust, the state-wide, publicly financed, not for profit, healthcare system in the U.S.