Things You Can Do Right Now

We have a bill in the State Senate!

SB 5204 was not scheduled for a hearing by the 2/15 deadline. We’re not giving up

1. Pass a Resolution in your organization. 

It could be a local party organization, like your LD Democrats group, your DSA chapter, Our Revolution, Indivisible, League of Women Voters, any group like that. But it could also be introduced in an arts group, trade group, a union or even your biking or knitting group.

While it may seem super formal, passing a resolution goes a long way in getting this effort on people’s radar. Plus the resolution asks the Chair of the organization to send it to their elected officials! So this task is a two-fer: not only do we reach more people involved in politics, but we’re able to get organizations to back our bill with their reps. Here’s what to do:

  • Click here to view the resolution.

  • Email it to the appropriate person in your organization, most often the Chair.

  • Include a personal intro. Let the organization know why you’re involved and what it would mean to get this transformational legislation passed.

  • Ask them to make room on their agenda to vote on the resolution. If they want a representative from WW, let us know by emailing

2. Call your State Senator

The following Senators sponsored the bill:

    • Bob Hasegawa      11th LD      360-786-7616
    • Patty Kuderer       48th LD      360-786-7694
    • Marko Liias          21st LD       360-786-7640
    • Liz Lovelett          40th LD       360-786-7678
    • Joe Nguyen          34th LD       360-786-7667
    • Derek Stanford   1st LD          360-786-7600
    • Claire Wilson      30th LD       360-786-7658
  • If your Senator is in the above list, please call them and thank them. They need to know we support them and this bold legislation. 
  • If your Senator is not listed, please call them and let them know you’re in favor of SB 5204. Any personal healthcare stories are helpful here.
    • Ask if the Senator supports this bill. If not, please ask for any specific issues or questions.
    • Then, if you have any feedback (positive or negative) from the discussion, please email
  • If you don’t know who your State Senator is, enter your address in the District Finder.
    • The Legislature Helpline can help connect you too. 360-786-7573

3. Comment on the bill. 

This online action is really easy and effective!

Go to the SB 5204 Page on the Washington Legislative site. 

  1. Click on Comment on the bill
  2. Fill in your address info. 
  3. Send to all three of your elected officials
  4. Include your personal story, best argument or a brief statement in the Comment section. 
  5. Click Support and that you’d like a response (if you do). 

4. Donate – especially monthly

Please consider a donation to Whole Washington. No matter the amount, it helps. If possible, please make it recurring. We’ll make every penny count toward the fight.

PO Box 17500
Seattle, WA 98127

5. Subscribe

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