What You Can Do Right Now

1. Help SB 5222 Get a Public Hearing

On January 16th, Senator Bob Hasegawa introduced SB 5222, which is based closely on last year’s I-1600 and forms the Whole Washington Health Trust. Our mission? Convince the State Senate’s Health & Long Term Care Committee to hold a public hearing on the bill. There are 11 members, and we have until 2/22/19 to make this phase happen.

If your Senator is on the committee, call their office. Ask when to expect a public hearing on SB 5222. Express your support for Universal Healthcare. (Personal stories are great but not required. The call can be as detailed or brief as you’re feeling. )

Just remember, if you’re in one of these districts, your voice has real power. We’re all grateful for your action here.

  • If you’re in the 2nd LD, call Senator Randi Becker (R) at (360) 786-7602.
  • If you’re in the 10th LD, call Senator Barbara Bailey (R) at (360) 786-7618.
  • If you’re in the 18th LD, call Senator Ann Rivers (R) at (360) 786-7634.
  • If you’re in the 24th LD, call Senator Kevin Van De Wege (D) at (360) 786-7646.
  • If you’re in the 26th LD, call Senator Emily Randall (D) at (360) 786-7650.  Randall is the Vice Chair of the committee.
  • If you’re in the 28th LD, call Senator Steve O’Ban (R) at  (360) 786-7654. O’Ban is the Ranking Member of the committee.
  • If you’re in the 29th LD, call Senator Steve Conway (D) at (360) 786-7656.
  • If you’re in the 33rd LD, call & thank Senator Karen Keiser (D) at (360) 786-7664. Senator Keiser is a co-sponsor of the bill.
  • If you’re in the 45th LD, call Senator Manka Dhingra (D) at (360) 786-7672.
  • If you’re in the 46th LD, call Senator David Frockt (D) at (360) 786-7690.
  • If you’re in the 49th LD, call Senator Annette Cleveland (D) at (360) 786-7696. Cleveland is the Chair of the committee.

If you don’t live in these districts, consider the following options.

2. Ask Your Representative for a Companion Bill in the House

Contact your State Representatives. Let them know Universal Healthcare is important to you and ask them to sponsor or co-sponsor a companion bill to SB 5222.

If they’d like to receive materials to review, let us know, and we’ll mail documents to their office.

If you want to double check, use Find Your District.

3. Comment on SB 5222 Online

SB 5222

Click on Comment on Bill, enter your address, then click on Verify District. Select your Position button: Support, Oppose, or Neutral,  then enter your free-form comments.

You can also sign up for alerts. This will allow us to mobilize and get ready for Olympia when a hearing date is scheduled.

4. Donate to Whole Washington for a Newspaper Ad

In addition to calls and social media, we want to raise awareness of this bill in Senator Cleveland’s district.

We’ll place an ad in the local Vancouver paper, The Colombian. Anything you can donate will help.