Things You Can Do Right Now

We’ve filed our Initiative!

We’re waiting on approval and the initiative number, then the petitions go to printing.  

1. Fill Out the updated Volunteer Form

Now that we’re very close, we’re asking volunteers to ‘recommit’ to their signature pledge and provide any info on availability that you may know. 

2. Buy a ticket to our Trivia Night Kick-Off Fundraiser on 4/29

We’re raising money for the campaign! Teams and tickets are limited. Join us if you can!

3. Donate – especially monthly

Please consider a donation to Whole Washington. No matter the amount, it helps. If possible, please make it recurring. We’ll make every penny count toward the fight.

PO Box 17500
Seattle, WA 98127

4. Subscribe

This is the best way to hear about updates, actions, and events!