Things You Can Do Right Now

Our current action is: Sign a petition to Governor Inslee and write to your reps!

Sign petition to Governor Inslee to address healthcare during pandemic

Send a letter to your state legislators to support emergency healthcare legislation

1. Donate

It’s impossible to have a successful initiative without substantial funding–it’s more than you might think. Our initiative’s opponents have especially deep pockets. We’ll need our message to resonate louder than insurance and pharmaceutical companies. So, in addition to funds for the petition phase, we need funding to prepare for that goal being met.

Campaigns have multiple phases. We’re defining our road map and laying the groundwork right now. To achieve the ultimate goal, we’ll fight for it with urgency. 

Please consider a donation to Whole Washington. No matter the amount. It’s our numbers that will get us there.  If possible, please make it a recurring donation.

Donate online via ActBlue or send checks made out to Whole Washington to:

PO Box 17500
Seattle, WA 98127

Thank you for contributing to this movement. We all have a part to play!

2. Help increase our online presence

It’s important to get more eyes on this universal healthcare movement. Can you invite your friends to like our pages? Let’s double our following. We’ll update our numbers every month.

If want more interaction, join the Whole Washington Volunteers Facebook Group. We brainstorm, share articles, and keep each other motivated. Just answer two quick questions to join up.

3. Become a Volunteer

We’d love to count you as a member of the mighty Whole Washington force and hear more about you. Fill out the quick form above.

4. Join the Fundraising Steering Committee

We’re forming a team to get laser-focused on fundraising efforts. We’re talking rock shows, skate nights, and a walk-a-thon. What ideas do you have? Help us plan and execute. Shoot a note if this is up your alley.

Finally, keep spreading the word about Universal Healthcare!