Why We Need Universal Healthcare

Why Is Universal Healthcare the only viable solution?

Better Health

  • One third of Americans don’t complete doctor’s orders due to cost concerns
  • Providers spend too much time doing paperwork related to coverage
  • Providers should decide what to do based on what is best for patient, not what will be covered
  • People shouldn’t have to worry about money when they are sick
  • Vision and dental are covered–critical elements of overall health
  • No networks – every practitioner who sees patients in WA participates in the plan. See the doctor you want
  • It’s harder to heal from illness or injury if you fear high medical bills

Personal Savings

  • No deductibles or co-pays. Current deductibles are too high and can easily wipe out hard-earned savings.
  • Almost all prescriptions are covered with very little out of pocket cost. There will be a small co-pay with an annual per-person maximum of $250 per year (only when brand name drugs are used instead of generics for non-preventative conditions).
  • Uninsured patients are driving up the costs of care for others
  • Costs should be predictable, controlled and the same for everyone. The cost of current plans may vary based on age or medical condition of recipient, or overall health of other people enrolled in plan.
  • 90-95% of Washington residents are expected to pay less for their healthcare

Social Justice & the Greater Good

  • Healthcare is a human right
  • Profit doesn’t belong in healthcare
  • Medical debt is the number one cause of bankruptcy and homelessness
  • Residents of WA counties with poor access to healthcare have shorter life expectancy
  • Crowdfunding healthcare is immoral – popularity and privilege should not determine who lives or keeps their home
  • Inadequate access to mental health and addiction services is a public safety issue
  • Almost every other comparable country in the world uses this system and has better health outcomes that cost much less
  • Too many in Washington are uninsured, and anyone can be injured or diagnosed with something unexpected.
  • People end up in hospitals or die from conditions that could have been well controlled without any hospitalization if affordable healthcare were accessible to all

Individual Freedom & the Pursuit of Happiness

  • Your ability to be healthy should not depend on what kind of job you have
  • People should not stay in jobs they would otherwise leave to secure healthcare coverage
  • People should not stay in relationships to maintain access to healthcare
  • Artists and innovators shouldn’t be held back by fear of losing benefits
  • Employers and people spend too much time trying to figure out which plan is best for them

Fiscal Sustainability

  • Whole Washington Health Trust will save an estimated $9 billion each year
  • Employers and people spend too much time trying to figure out which plan is best for them
  • The 8.5% payroll tax imposed is much less than what employers pay now to offer benefits. Companies might want to move or stay here which could create jobs
  • Rising costs of healthcare are unsustainable and dragging down our economy
  • Insurance and financial processing jobs lost will be replaced by jobs created in the healthcare sector when more patients seek the care they need
  • In the current system, US companies can’t compete with foreign companies who don’t have these high benefit costs in their bottom line
  • The money families save on healthcare can be reassigned to other segments of our state economy

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