Healthcare is a Human Right

Welcome to Whole Washington. We’re working on a ballot initiative to bring single-payer healthcare to Washington State.


We’re a grassroots coalition of healthcare professionals, activists and organizers with a common belief that healthcare is a human right, and Washington should be doing more to provide the best level of care to all residents.


Georgia Davenport has extensive campaign experience. She worked on the Heinrich campaign in 2008, worked closely with the Bernie campaign in 2016, and was the phone bank organizer for I-735.

She is the Interim Campaign Director for Whole Washington.

Vicki Rhoades, ND, is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College (1978, Biology) and Bastyr University (2006, ND). Her many careers include numerous low-paying non-technical jobs without health insurance benefits, and she is unhappy that this is still true of many 21st century workers. She is committed to the project of health care for all.

Vicki is the Interim Outreach Director for Whole Washington

Father, Husband. Went to school for philosophy (university of WA) and now I work for a train company — Interests include Labor Law, TILA, Unions, Paid Family Leave, Healthcare, Philosophy of Science, Fantasy Football and Open Government–Researcher for Progressive Army.

Andre Roberge is the Interim Social Media Coordinator for Whole Washington

Erin Georgen is a Physical Therapist Assistant and a design/marketing small business owner. She served in the US Coast Guard and has worked in the military, the for-profit, and the non-profit health sector totaling 14 years. She had an opportunity to expand her perspective of the healthcare and insurance industry while doing creative work for where she researched, fact-checked, and answered questions about provisions and implications of the Affordable Care Act (and related legislation) on different individuals and families. Recently she was also appointed Secretary for the Third LD Democrats.

Erin is the Legislative Outreach Director for Eastern Washington.

Pam Keeley is an RN of 45 years and has a long career of advocating for human rights. She sees sound health as the foundation of a meaningful and productive life and believes health care is a basic human right.

“The political establishment working in concert with the healthcare industry has shown repeatedly that they have one, over-arching priority: profit for CEOs and dividends for shareholders. We no longer accept this grossly unjust equation. We’re upholding our part of the social contract, it’s time now for the most prosperous in our state to do theirs so that all members of our human family can have the health care they deserve.”

Pam is a Board Member of Whole Washington

-RN 45 years
-Former SEIU 1199NW Healthcare Union Delegate and Executive Board Member
-Former PCO, 3rd Vice Chair, Executive Board Member 37th LD Democrats
-National Delegate: Barack Obama 2008, Bernie Sanders 20016
-LGBTQ Activist, 1972-Present
-Member Socialist Alternative
-Standing Rock, NO DAPL: Medical Volunteer during Veteran’s Stand, December 2016
-Volunteer: WA-1 DMAT (federal disaster medical assistance team, 2006-15),
-American Red Cross, King County Medical Reserve Corps