We’re Having a Walk-a-thon!

We’re at a Critical Phase of our Campaign

Our goal is to file an initiative, gather signatures, and get Universal Healthcare for Washington State passed! We’ll begin in March of 2020, and while 8 months may seem far away, every day is vital for our success. This is a make-or-break phase that requires significant funding. We must reach our goal of $50,000 to move forward. In fact, we must crush that goal.

So find your favorite walking shoes and set the the dream in motion.

Walk When You Want

Summer is filled with events, vacations, and plans, but don’t worry. You’ll have the flexibility to participate when it’s right for you.

With the Walk When You Want option, you’ll simply register, get pledges, and put one foot in front of the other on the day you choose. You could even form a team with your closest friends. Just think of the mental and physical health benefits! Get out there and enjoy the great outdoors.

If you want to meet other passionate advocates, and really make a statement, you can…

Join A Group Walk

Bothell – 9/21

Tacoma – 9/21

West Seattle – 9/7

Create Your Own Group Walk!

Yes, you can! It doesn’t need to be complicated. You just need a Date, Time and Location for your Start and basic route. You can go from there. Check out our Group Walk Starter Kit and get your Group Walk underway.

Starting August 13th, register to walk.

  1. Pick a Group Walk above or pick Walk When You Want and dive in. There’s a $10 Registration Fee per person and no fundraising minimum. But aim high! We know you can do it.
  2. Set up your page. Use what’s there or make it your own. It’s easy!
  3. Gather Donations. Ask everyone you know.
  4. You’ll have the rest of August and the days in September before your walk to get support and train.
  5. WALK.
  6. Update your page and thank your donors
  7. The campaign moves forward with urgency!