The Initiative Process

In Washington State, we’re fortunate to have the Initiative process (also known as a ballot measure). When our elected officials fail to pass needed legislation, we the people have the power to pass our own laws.

There are two types of initiatives:

  • To the Legislature and
  • To the People

We filed an Initiative to the Legislature because it gives us more time to collect signatures.


  • When we filed: March 23, 2022
  • When we start collecting signatures: April 2022
  • Deadline to turn in signatures: 5:00 PM, December 30, 2022

Required Number of Signatures

The required number of signatures is based on 8% of the turnout of the most recent gubernatorial election.

  • To qualify, we must have at least 324,516 valid signatures from registered voters.
  • It is recommended that we submit at least 405,000 to allow for invalid signatures.

What Happens If We Make the Required Number

If we turn in the required number of verified signatures by the deadline, the legislature can do one of three things. They can:

  1. Pass it As Is in early 2023 OR
  2. Edit it and put a competing measure on the ballot for a vote in November 2023 (Both versions must be on the ballot) OR
  3. Put the initiative on the ballot As Is for a vote in November 2023.
    • This is what usually happens.

This will be an intense but finite campaign. Ready to join us? We intend to make healthcare history.