Town Halls

Whole Washington is crossing the state to talk to communities all over about our healthcare system.

The soonest we would start gathering signatures is 2025. While that may feel like a long time from now, it's really not. This time as we prepare is really exciting because we still have the opportunity to change the proposed legislation based on community input. So to try to gather that input, we're hosting a series of town halls across the state and engaging with as many different communities as we can.

Our Let's Make Healthcare Happen! town halls are non-partisan, educational events, open to everyone. At each event, Whole Washington organizers will present about 20 minutes of material and then move into Q & A. Everyone has a story about why our healthcare system needs to change and we want to hear yours! Please join us- together, we can make Universal Healthcare a reality.

Don't see an event in your area? Use the button below to help us plan a town hall near you!

Upcoming Town Halls