About Whole Washington

Whole Washington is a volunteer organization fighting on all fronts for Universal Healthcare

Formed in November, 2016, Whole Washington is a grassroots coalition of healthcare professionals and volunteers from all over Washington State. We organize and support efforts of transformation, not incrementalism, and we fight at both the national and state level. The ultimate goal is a national, single payer system. We endorse, organize for, and champion Medicare for All. We use all avenues available including bills through the legislature and the direct tool of democracy: the initiative process.

Mission Statement

Whole Washington is fighting for federal and state-based universal, single-payer healthcare. We can't watch our friends, family, and neighbors suffer and die because they don’t have the healthcare they need. We demand a publicly-funded healthcare system that puts people over profits.

Crowd of volunteers with raised fists and Medicare for All signs

We support legislation that is publicly funded, includes everything, and covers everyone

Instead of multiple private insurance companies and multiple programs, a public trust will cover our healthcare expenses. We’ll eliminate the bureaucracy of the private health insurance and save money while improving health outcomes. All services requiring a medical professional are included with no financial barriers –no copays, fees or deductibles. Dental, vision, reproductive care, mental health services, and more are fully covered. Our healthcare will not be tied to employment, age, marital status, immigration status, incarceration status, or pre-existing condition. Everyone is covered. No one is left out.

Current Legislation - The Washington Health Trust

Initiative 1471

  • Filed in March 2022
  • Signature gathering begins April 2022
  • 405,000 signatures needed by December 30, 2022

Past Legislation - The Whole Washington Health Trust

Initiative 1362

  • Filed in April 2021
  • Campaign suspended due to Covid, August 2021

Senate Bill 5204

  • Introduced in January 2021
  • Re-introduced in the 2022 session
  • Sponsored by State Senators: Hasegawa, Kuderer, Liias, Lovelett, Nguyen, Stanford, Wilson, C.
  • Was not let out of committee

Senate Bill 5222

  • Introduced in January 2019
  • Sponsored by State Senators Hasegawa, Hunt, Keiser.
  • Was not let out of committee

Initiative 1600

  • Filed in January 2018
  • Based on the Washington Health Security Trust (WHST) bill
  • Included a financing plan based on an economic analysis by Dr. Gerald Friedman.
  • 103,000 signatures via 100% volunteer effort but did not meet the threshold of 260,000 needed.
  • Received support from LD’s, organizations, campaigning candidates, and elected officials. See the I-1600 Endorsements here.

Whole Washington Bylaws