How We Pay For It


The great news is universal healthcare doesn’t require new funds added to what we’re paying now. Instead, we shift our costs from a fragmented, private system to a unified, public one. And while gaining expanded benefits and covering everyone, the transformation still results in cost relief.


With the Washington Health Trust we stop paying

  • Deductibles
  • Premiums
  • Co-pays
  • Medical Bills
  • Out of Network Charges
  • High Prescription Costs

A State-wide Non-profit
Publicly Funded Health Trust

We'll create the largest possible risk pool
create efficiencies
gain negotiating power
reduce fraud and waste
cut administrative overhead for providers
and save money for everyone.

The Washington Health Trust Revenue Streams

will contribute
of wages
  • Relieves administrative burden, unpredictable costs of insurance plans for employers
  • May deduct up to 2% from employee payroll
may contribute
Up to 2.0%
of wages
  • Employers may cover all or a portion
  • Payroll deduction, not an out-of-pocket expense
  • Contributes to the 10.5% employer contribution
Sole Proprietors
will contribute
of earnings
  • The first $15,000 won’t be taxed
will contribute
of capital gains
  • The first $15,000 won’t be taxed
  • Home sales, retirement accounts and more won’t be taxed