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US Congress

"Passing single payer non-profit healthcare is an issue of critical importance for the citizens of Washington State."

Jason Call candidate for U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District 2

Washington State

"The COVID-19 crisis has shown clearly that employer-based health care doesn't work when millions face unemployment, we need universal, single-payer health care to ensure everyone in our state has equitable access to the care they need."

21 LD Marko Liias WA State Senate

"Every person should have access to healthcare when they need it. This shouldn't be about your employer, or your bank account, or where you live - just universal access to healthcare for everyone. Other countries have figured this out, why can't we?"

Derek Stanford Washington State Senate 1st Legislative District

"I campaigned on and fought for universal healthcare since my first election in 2004. Now, the COVID crisis has exposed the inequities in our current healthcare system as well as broad inequities throughout our social systems and brought these issues to a head. These crises have created the opportunity to actually achieve structural systems changes. Now's the time push for it. "

Bob Hasegawa Washington State Senate 11th Legislative District

"I support Whole Washington because when I was at Cornell University, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer at a time my family did not have health insurance. The subsequent medical bills crippled my family financially. I will fight for healthcare for all because I know how it feels to lose the person who loves you the most in this world and suffer a family financial crisis at the same time. Affordable, quality healthcare is a right, not a privilege."

David Hackney WA State House of Representatives 11th Legislative District, Position 1

"Healthcare is a basic right. If we have learned anything form the pandemic, it is that our healthcare system is woefully inadequate. One should not have to have a job to get healthcare or lose healthcare when losing a job."

Sam Hunt Washington State Senate 22nd Legislative District


Tarra Simmons WA State House of Representatives 23rd Legislative District, Position 1

"I support Whole Washington because I believe health care is a right, not a privilege. Like many, my family has been denied basic health care coverage by our insurance company too many times to count. Let me be clear: this must end. I will fight in the legislature to make health care affordable and accessible to all."

Liz Berry WA State House of Representatives 36th Legislative District, Position 2

"Our state and country needed universal healthcare long before COVID-19 - but this pandemic has shown in that our need for healthcare for all cannot wait any longer. I strongly support Whole Washington's mission to provide universal healthcare to all Washingtonians as our country and state works toward true single payer universal healthcare for every adult and child in this country. "

Kirsten Harris-Talley WA State House of Representatives 37th Legislative District, Position 2

"I support Whole Washington because health care is a human right and should be easily accessible to create equitable and thriving society. It is my responsibility as a representative of my constituents to ensure that access to health care is provided. I will work alongside you to strengthen our state, regional, and local public health delivery systems, including mental health."

Emily Wicks Washington State House of Representatives 38th Legislative District, Position 1

"Too often, the people of Washington State are put in the position to choose between paying for healthcare or supporting their families. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. I was proud to support the Pathway to Universal Healthcare at the legislature this past session and I will continue to champion removing barriers to health as part of our quality of life, providing equity in our system for People of Color and our LGBTQ neighbors, and moving towards a Universal Healthcare system." 

Elizabeth Lovelett Washington State Senate 40th Legislative District


My-Linh Thai Washington State House of Representatives 41st Legislative District, Position 2

"Our country spends more per capita and gets worse results than similar countries with universal coverage. It’s time to make healthcare better, more equitable, more affordable and less stressful. When you get sick you should be focused on getting better, not stressing about healthcare."

Sharon Shewmake Washington State House of Representatives 42nd Legislative District, Position 2

"Health care must be seen as a fundamental human right! As a leader in the creation of Washington State's Apple Health program and the Medicaid expansion, I support the need for a new dynamic in providing health care for call. This is all the more evident in the time of the COVID pandemic."

Frank Chopp Washington State House of Representatives 43rd Legislative District, Position 2


Javier Valdez Washington State House of Representatives 46th Legislative District, Position 2

“Our nation’s promise that we are all endowed with ‘unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,’ will never be fulfilled unless we recognize that health care is a right. Washington should lead the way in exploring and demonstrating how every resident of our State can be assured that they and their loved ones will not die or suffer solely due to lack of access to quality health care. As a faculty member at the University of Washington School of Public Health, I strive to help students understand that the social determinants of health start with poverty and race, which determine access to healthcare and the likelihood that someone will suffer needless illness and die early. The Washington Health Trust offers a concept we should be exploring to use progressive taxes on wealth – which I am confident will be largely supported by the wealthiest residents of our state if they are used for health care – coupled with payroll taxes on large employers who do not provide health care benefits today.”

Gerry Pollet Washington State House of Representative 46th Legislative District, Position 1


“I support Whole Washington because I believe health care is a human right not a commodity. Saving lives and relieving pain and suffering should not depend upon people's ability to pay. The current system is broken and leaves too many people behind.”

Dave Upthegrove King County Councilmember 5th District


Girmay Zahilay King County Council District 2

"I endorse Whole Washington and I support its efforts because a person's access to health care should NOT be dependent on what job they have or employment status."

John Latta Clark County Charter Review Commission

"I support Universal Healthcare because as the son of a British immigrant with family across the world, I have seen the shortcomings of our system. No person should go bankrupt because of healthcare costs, no person should have to stay at a job they hate just to get healthcare and no person should die because they can't afford their medicine. The time for Medicare for All was 50 years ago when the rest of the world began to have, it's time to come in to the 21st century and pass Medicare for All."

Jordan Sears Candidate for Snohomish County Council Position 5


"The founders of our country all agreed that we are endowed by our Creator with “certain unalienable rights and among those rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Good health and the best care we can get to maintain it are absolutely among those human rights! Whole Washington is the best chance we’ve ever had of solidifying that right."

Alan Richrod Aberdeen City Council


"I want our city to be a welcoming city for all and to help with homelessness."

James Jeyaraj Auburn City Council Position 3


"Healthcare is a human right. We have an obligation to ensure all of our people have access to this basic necessity, and I am proud to support Whole Washington's efforts to make this a reality for our state."

Cydney Moore Burien City Council Position 2


"I support Whole Washington because it is time to take healthcare as a human right into our own hands. As a public health professional and EMT, I have seen the failings of our current health systems on both the systemic and personal levels. The threat of medical debt should never prevent someone from seeking medical care, and profit-driven healthcare systems do not serve the best interests of all our communities. Universal healthcare approaches (like Whole Washington) have proven effective in most of the developed world, save money, and don't leave out obvious areas of medical need, such as dental and reproductive health. Not only will it eliminate many barriers to care that Washingtonians experience due to cost or convoluted insurance practices, but it will save our state billions of dollars.To achieve Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, health for all must be a priority."

Chris Goodwin Clark County Charter Review Commission District 1, Position 3


"Healthcare is a Human Right!" 

Carin Chase Edmonds School Board Director District 1

Gold Bar



Corina Pfeil Kenmore City Council Position 7

"Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. There should be no barriers to healthcare access. Everyone deserves high quality comprehensive healthcare. I fully support Universal Healthcare and thank Whole Washington for its efforts to make this a reality in Washington State."

Melanie O'Cain Kenmore City Council Position 1


"Everybody deserves access to healthcare, healthcare strengthens rather than weakens our physical and economic health."

Clark Gilman Mayor Pro-Tem, Olympia City Council


E. J. Zita Olympia Port Commissioner



Ruth Perez Renton City Council Member



Senayet Negusse Seatac City Council Position 1


I support Whole Washington because it doesn't just make economic sense; it makes social sense. Healthcare should be a human right and through universal healthcare in WA state we can ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all our residents.

Andrew Grant Houston Candidate for Mayor Seattle

"My campaign is proud to stand with Whole Washington, and will support policies to advance their goal of establishing universal healthcare if elected to the Seattle City Council."

Andrew Lewis Seattle City Council District 7


Kshama Sawant Seattle City Council Member District 3

"Go Whole Washington - everyone must have high‑quality, comprehensive healthcare!"

Lisa Herbold Seattle City Council Member District 1


Tammy Morales Seattle City Council District 2



Leatta Dahlhoff Tumwater City Council Position 1


"Single payer healthcare goes a long way toward making us all better people physically, mentally, and spiritually." 

Susan Boundy-Sanders Woodinville City Council Member Position 5



Better Left Podcast Sarah Smith, Executive Producer https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/better-left-podcast/id1461718652


Green Lake Health Center https://www.greenlakehealth.com/

"A healthy citizenry is in the best interest of our country, our state, and our communities. Public health is fundamental to our ability to be competitive in business, innovate and advance in science and culture, and should be among our top priorities both as a matter of practicality and moral imperative."

Green Ronin Publishing Nicole Lindroos https://greenronin.com/

"I appreciate everything Whole Washington is doing. Tying healthcare to employment and putting insurance companies in control of patient outcomes is insane. The fact that the people we elect to represent us are in reality representing their corporate sponsors is maddening. Hopefully you/we can open enough eyes to change that."

Mike Coverdale, Designated Broker http://westportmike.com/

"As fans of science fiction and fantasy, we love good stories. What sort of story do we want to live in?

Do we want to live in a dystopia where people are chained to jobs they hate to keep their insurance? Where people are buried in debt because they or a loved one gets really sick?

We don’t have to wait for skittish politicians to give us permission to change our story. We endorse Whole Washington, because we can choose a not-for-profit single payer system that covers everyone. We can live up to the ideal that healthcare is a fundamental human right. We just have to want it."

Radio vs. the Martians https://radiovsthemartians.com/

"I support Whole Washington's Single Payer Healthcare plan because I want all of my employees to have access to affordable, common-sense health care. Small businesses can rarely afford to provide health care to our employees. That makes the risk of owning a small business that much greater. It also further widens the competition gap between small business and corporate giants."

Sean Lee President, Seven Coffee Roasters https://sevencoffeeroasters.com/pages/seven-market-cafe

"As someone who is an artist, access to affordable healthcare looms over my head daily. Just having the money to afford the prescriptions I need to stay alive makes it hard to focus my art."

Sylvia's Rainbow Bingo http://www.stayformore.com/rainbow-bingo.html

"Health is a fundamental human right." 

VTD Rail Consulting Thomas White, Owner

Community Leaders


Cathy Tuttle Founder of Seattle Neighborhood GreenwaysFormer Seattle City Council Candidate

"Healthcare should include dental, hearing, and vision, not profits."

Courtney Love Vice Chair of Our Revolution Washington


Laura Fielding Executive Director Red Berets for Medicare for All

"I support Whole Washington because I'm a cancer survivor, business owner, and mom. All our WA residents deserve quality healthcare."

Liz Hallock former, WA Governor candidate


Maralyn Chase Retired Washington State Senator

"Healthcare is a human right and it's time to put patients over profits. We need to work at the state and federal level to ensure everyone has access to high-quality, universal healthcare."

Matthew Tirman Former Bainbridge Island City Council Member South Ward

Personally I have been working as an advocate for Whole Washington for a few years now. I strongly believe healthcare is a human right. Our own Declaration of Independence states that we have the right to life. And to keep that right we need healthcare. It should be guaranteed to us by the government so that no one has to decide between a roof over their head or life saving treatment.

Tracey Carlos Chair of Thurston County Queer Democrats, Vice Chair LD 22 Democrats



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