Candidates, Elected Officials, Businesses and Leaders who have endorsed Whole Washington

US Congress

"Passing single payer non-profit healthcare is an issue of critical importance for the citizens of Washington State."

Jason Call Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District 2


Joshua Lee Collins Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District 10

"I endorse Whole Washington, because everyone deserves healthcare — whether they're homeless or have a home, jobless or have a job, poor or rich. People in our district are dying because they don't have healthcare, and Whole Washington is doing something to fix that. I'm proud to stand with Whole WA and grateful for all its work advancing single-payer healthcare in our state." 

Rebecca Parson Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District 6

Washington State

"I support Whole Washington because when we tie healthcare to employer maintained insurance, any economic crisis becomes a healthcare crisis. Healthcare is a right for all people because everyone has a life worth protecting, not just those who are in good fortune to have an insurance policy."

Dustin Gleaves Candidate for Representative WA LD 42

"Too often, the people of Washington State are put in the position to choose between paying for healthcare or supporting their families. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. I was proud to support the Pathway to Universal Healthcare at the legislature this past session and I will continue to champion removing barriers to health as part of our quality of life, providing equity in our system for People of Color and our LGBTQ neighbors, and moving towards a Universal Healthcare system." 

Elizabeth Lovelett Washington State Senator Legislative District 40

"I support Whole Washington because healthcare is a human right. Covid has shown that our current system has been a disaster. Millions of people are out of work when healthcare is tied to employment. Now is the time to fight for a brighter healthcare future!"

Gant Diede Candidate for WA 21st LD Representative

"I endorse Whole Washington for the very simple reason that everyone should be able to see a doctor when they get sick. There should be no barriers to care, no copays, deductibles, or hidden costs.

We are the only developed country that doesn’t have universal healthcare, we pay the most for our for-profit system, and have the worst results. By implementing the Whole Washington Health Trust, Washington can become the example to the rest of the country and demonstrate what we know to be true: healthcare is a human right!"

Georgia Davenport candidate, WA State Legislature, District 7

"We all know that our health care system is failing and it is long past due to do something about. Health care is a human right and we must ensure that we provide universal and accessible healthcare to everyone in our country."

Glenda Breiler Candidate for WA State House of Reps LD 22

"In 2019, my Father died after years of battling the complications of an infection that attacked his brain. He delayed medical care due to fear of cost and living in the State of Florida which had not expanded Medicaid at the time. The private health insurance system that is maintained by the bribery of our elected officials took my Father.

A for profit health insurance system is inherently cruel, and will maximize profits by denying care. That is why I pledge to introduce the Whole WA Trust Bill upon my election to the State House of Representatives."

Gray Petersen Washington State House, District 32 Candidate

"While the fundamental right to healthcare remains unmet, how can we ever ask people to prioritize anything else. I endorse Whole Washington because healthcare is a human right and until we guarantee access to comprehensive care, we cannot expect to ask families to invest in the changes necessary for our environment and the prosperity of generations to come."

Ivan Lewis Candidate for WA State Representative, 10th LD, Position 1

"I support Whole Washington because healthcare is a right and needs to be guaranteed for all Washingtonians."

JJ Wandler Candidate for Washington State House of Representatives, District 7, Position 2

"I support Whole Washington because they are right there on the front lines fighting for all of us as we work to obtain true access to healthcare that is universal comprehensive and free at the point of care for all!"

Kathryn Lewandowsky, RN Candidate for State Senator, LD 39

"I support Whole Washington because I believe health care is a right, not a privilege. Like many, my family has been denied basic health care coverage by our insurance company too many times to count. Let me be clear: this must end. I will fight in the legislature to make health care affordable and accessible to all."

Liz Berry Candidate for State House, LD 36, Pos. 2

"I support Whole Washington because I'm a cancer survivor, business owner, and mom. All our WA residents deserve quality healthcare."

Liz Hallock WA Governor candidate

"When elected to the Washington State Legislature, my first order of business will be to sponsor Whole Washington Health Trust in the House because healthcare is a human right!"

Marianna Everson Candidate for WA State House of Reps Legislative District 19

"The COVID-19 crisis has shown clearly that employer-based health care doesn't work when millions face unemployment, we need universal, single-payer health care to ensure everyone in our state has equitable access to the care they need."

Marko Liias Candidate for Candidate for Lt. Governor

"I am a nurse practitioner and MPH, and am dedicated to promoting health improving care for Washington State. I hope to introduce Whole Washington if elected."

Mary Ellen Biggerstaff Candidate for WA State House of Reps LD 22

"I support Whole Washington because I support a pathway towards universal health care and achieving a health care system where health care is comprehensive, sustainable, and affordable for all Washingtonians and not dependent on employment."

Sarah Reyneveld Candidate for 36th State House Position 2

"I support Whole Washington because health care is a human right, not a luxury. Your income level should not determine your health outcomes. We must do better by our kids and families. We need champions who are committed and willing to do the right thing."

Sharlett Mena Candidate for State Representative 29th LD

"Healthcare for everyone should be a basic right, not a privilege. It is time we put peoples well-being over profits and special interests. As highlighted more than ever during this pandemic and economic instability, we cannot allow our access to healthcare to be tied to our economic well-being and employment status."

Taylor Zimmermann Candidate for WA State Representative, 10th LD, Position 2

"I support Whole Washington because I believe everyone should have quality healthcare. My mother had early on-set Alzheimer's, and I was her primary caregiver. Initially, she did not qualify for Medicare and I was left struggling to find her quality healthcare. Because of the cost of healthcare, we were unable to afford her medications, which deeply impacted her memory. When she finally had been disabled long enough to get medicare, the damage to her memory was done. My kids lost their Granny, one piece at a time. No one should have to make that kind of decision or live with that kind of guilt. This is why I will fight for every Washingtonian to have to quality healthcare."

Veronica Whitcher Rockett Candidate for WA State Representative, 2nd LD


"I support Whole Washington because for far too long our healthcare system has been broken and failed us. We need a strong universal system to meet our very individual health needs without bankrupting our people, to have freedom and autonomy to make the right choices for their individual conditions and situations. Our state budget well have solvency, providers will continue care like they should and large corporate influences in our health gone. This is the sustainable path forward for Washington and the nation."

Amber King candidate, Snohomish County Council


Girmay Zahilay King County Council District 2

"Now more than ever it is clear that lack of healthcare has caused disparate impacts in our communities. Leaving us paying more, for less and leaving some unable to provide for their health without facing bankruptcy. We absolutely need Whole Washington to protect Washingtonians from destructive privatized healthcare and insurance."

Rory Summerson Candidate for Thurston County Commissioner District 1

"I'm not a politician. I am a mother, military spouse and proud resident of Island county. I envision a bright future for our county, where community and government are inclusive, effective and benefit us all. I will invest in our residents, our environment, and our community, striving to create and create and sustain workforce housing develop and implement sources of renewable energy, build a community center, and offer wrap around services for those struggling with mental and behavioral health."

Stephenie "Fe" Mischo Candidate for Island County Commissioner District 2


"The founders of our country all agreed that we are endowed by our Creator with “certain unalienable rights and among those rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Good health and the best care we can get to maintain it are absolutely among those human rights! Whole Washington is the best chance we’ve ever had of solidifying that right."

Alan Richrod Aberdeen City Council


"I want our city to be a welcoming city for all and to help with homelessness."

James Jeyaraj Auburn City Council Position 3


Ryan Burnett Candidate for Auburn City Council Position 5

Bainbridge Island

"Healthcare is a human right and it's time to put patients over profits. We need to work at the state and federal level to ensure everyone has access to high-quality, universal healthcare."

Matthew Tirman Bainbridge Island City Council Member South Ward





"Healthcare is a human right. We have an obligation to ensure all of our people have access to this basic necessity, and I am proud to support Whole Washington's efforts to make this a reality for our state."

Cydney Moore Burien City Council Position 2



"Healthcare is a Human Right!" 

Carin Chase Edmonds School Board Director District 1

"A lack of access to affordable health care interferes with learning. Whether it is a child struggling to see what’s on the board because her parents can’t afford new prescription glasses, or any other health condition, access to proper health care is essential before basic learning can take place. Access to preventative care, such as vaccinations, keeps our communities safer. A family’s lack of health insurance or income should not interfere with a child’s basic medical needs being met. Anything we can do to make health care more accessible will benefit us all and help our schools better serve all students."

Rory Graves Candidate for Edmonds School Board Director District 3


"As a public school teacher, I've seen families ration out their insulin due to the cost of the medicine. That's not just wrong - it's cruel. We have the means to fix this, we just need politicians brave enough to stand up to an unjust system."

Joseph Erikson Candidate for Everett City Council Position 5

Gold Bar

"I support Universal Healthcare because as the son of a British immigrant with family across the world, I have seen the shortcomings of our system. No person should go bankrupt because of healthcare costs, no person should have to stay at a job they hate just to get healthcare and no person should die because they can't afford their medicine. The time for Medicare for All was 50 years ago when the rest of the world began to have, it's time to come in to the 21st century and pass Medicare for All."

Jordan Sears Gold Bar City Council Position 5



Corina Pfeil Kenmore City Council Position 7

"Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. There should be no barriers to healthcare access. Everyone deserves high quality comprehensive healthcare. I fully support Universal Healthcare and thank Whole Washington for its efforts to make this a reality in Washington State."

Melanie O'Cain Kenmore City Council Position 1


"Universal Healthcare is good for all state of Washington residents regardless of income."

Awale Farah Candidate for Kent City Council Position 7


Hira Singh Bhullar Candidate for Kent City Council Position 3



"I support universal medical and mental healthcare, including paid family leave and postpartum care, NOW!" 

Alyssa Humbert Candidate for Olympia City Council Position 2

"Everybody deserves access to healthcare, healthcare strengthens rather than weakens our physical and economic health."

Clark Gilman Olympia City Council


Ej Zita Olympia Port Commissioner

"Health care is a human right. We can do this!" 

Matt Goldenberg Candidate for Olympia City Council Position 3

"I am running for Mayor of Olympia and I am very happy to endorse the Whole Washington campaign. Health care costs are out of control and people are dying due to lack of access to proper healthcare. This is the only workable solution to this problem."

Phil Cornell Candidate for Olympia Mayor



Ruth Perez Renton City Council MemberFormer Candidate for Renton Mayor



Senayet Negusse Seatac City Council Position 1


"My campaign is proud to stand with Whole Washington, and will support policies to advance their goal of establishing universal healthcare if elected to the Seattle City Council."

Andrew Lewis Seattle City Council District 7


Kshama Sawant Seattle City Council Member District 3

"Go Whole Washington - everyone must have high‑quality, comprehensive healthcare!"

Lisa Herbold Seattle City Council Member District 1


Tammy Morales Seattle City Council District 2



"When I was 21 years old; and before the law passed that said dependents could be covered on their parents' health insurance until the age of 26, I was playing football and tore my Achilles. I didn't have insurance and was charged over $45,000 for the surgery despite it not being an option to go without it. This clearly put me in lots of debt that I didn't have a way to pay off. Luckily, I have coverage now and the means to pay any debts but this shouldn't be the case for so many others who have even dire life situations. Universal healthcare isn't a privilege, it is a right that every person in America should have."

David Combs Candidate for Tacoma City Council Position 3



Leatta Dahloff Tumwater City Council Position 1



Better Left PodcastSarah Smith, Executive Producer website


Green Lake Health Center website

"A healthy citizenry is in the best interest of our country, our state, and our communities. Public health is fundamental to our ability to be competitive in business, innovate and advance in science and culture, and should be among our top priorities both as a matter of practicality and moral imperative."

Green Ronin PublishingNicole Lindroos website

"As fans of science fiction and fantasy, we love good stories. What sort of story do we want to live in?

Do we want to live in a dystopia where people are chained to jobs they hate to keep their insurance? Where people are buried in debt because they or a loved one gets really sick?

We don’t have to wait for skittish politicians to give us permission to change our story. We endorse Whole Washington, because we can choose a not-for-profit single payer system that covers everyone. We can live up to the ideal that healthcare is a fundamental human right. We just have to want it."

Radio vs. The Martians

"As someone who is an artist, access to affordable healthcare looms over my head daily. Just having the money to afford the prescriptions I need to stay alive makes it hard to focus my art."

Sylvia's Rainbow Bingo website

"Health is a fundamental human right." 

VTD Rail ConsultingThomas White, Owner

Community Leaders


Anna Sotelo Former Candidate for Snoqualmie City Council

"Universal healthcare is an investment in our communities and our kids. I collected signatures to put I-1600 on the ballot last year, and I can't wait to see Washington lead on compassionate and cost-effective care." 

Beth Hartsoch Former Candidate for Bellingham City Council


Boudicca Walsh Former Candidate for Olympia City Council

"Healthcare is a fundamental human right that must be made accessible to all people in our state. Citizenship status is a powerful and unjust barrier to care that is often overlooked in our healthcare debates; the comprehensive reform championed by Whole Washington is what the path towards complete health justice looks like."

Carrie Blackwood Former Candidate for Washington State Senate Legislative District 40


Cathy Tuttle Founder of Seattle Neighborhood GreenwaysFormer Seattle City Council Candidate


Christopher Peguero Former Candidate for Seattle City Council

"Healthcare should include dental, hearing, and vision, not profits."

Courtney Love Vice Chair of Our Revolution Washington


Dominic Barrera Former Candidate for Port of Seattle Commissioner


Dr. Linda M. Smith Former Candidate for Renton City Council


Elizabeth T. Peang Former Candidate for Kent City Council

"After more than a decade working in healthcare, I've seen too many patients struggle with costs of their medical care and needed medical equipment, or delay care because of cost. The for-profit multi-payer system adds no benefit to medicine, but it does drain significant amounts of money from actual healthcare into bloated administrative processes specifically designed to discourage and even prevent people from getting care. As a result, we spend 2x as much as other industrialized nations, yet we still have millions without coverage and even more underinsured. It's time for the US to join the rest of the modern world and provide non-profit universal coverage to everyone."

Erin Georgen Former Candidate for Spokane District 81School Board Director


James Bible Former Candidate for Bellevue City Council

"No one should be left out of health care coverage. We're going to get there as a nation someday. It would be great to see Washington lead the way!"

John Lombard Former Candidate for Seattle City Council


Katherine Festa Former Candidate for Federal Way City Council

"... Thus, since Canada benchmarked healthcare operations seen in Europe, then perhaps Washington state must “lead by modern American example” and devise a workable change strategy enabling our Governor and representatives to ensure every Washington citizen is healthy..."

Kevin Andre White Former Candidate for Dupont City Council


Kya Michael Aatai Former Candidate for Bellevue City Council


Laura Fielding Executive Director Red Berets for Medicare for All


Maralyn Chase Retired Washington State Senator

"I fully support Universal Health Care for all our residents. I believe Health Care is a right, not a privilege based on one's ability to pay."

Mark Solomon Former Candidate for Seattle City Council


Mark Wilson Former Candidate for Bellevue City Council

"As a person who has seen loved ones suffer due to no access to affordable healthcare, I fully support this effort to make healthcare accessible to EVERYONE not just some! Healthcare is a human right not a privilege!" 

Matthew Sagen Former Candidate for Yakima City Council


Max Heller III Former Candidate for Renton City Council

"I was once uninsurable and that is something I never want to happen to anyone else."

Melissa Hall Former Candidate for Seattle City Council

"I support Universal Healthcare for Washington State." 

Phil Tavel Former Candidate for Seattle City Council


Sasha Anderson Former Candidate for Seattle City Council District 4

"I endorse Whole Washington, because everyone deserves healthcare — whether they're homeless or have a home, jobless or have a job, poor or rich. People in our district are dying because they don't have healthcare, and Whole Washington is doing something to fix that. I'm proud to stand with Whole WA and grateful for all its work advancing single-payer healthcare in our state."

Sean Palermo Former Candidate for Bothell City Council


Shad Ansari Former Candidate for Redmond City Council

"I stand with Whole Washington and believe healthcare is a human right. Supporting universal healthcare goes beyond eliminating financial burdens to accessing healthcare, it is also a commitment to bettering access to healthcare institutions and necessary services."

Shaun Scott Former Candidate for Seattle City Council

"My youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 12. No parent should have to worry if their insurance is going to cover the fight for their child's life. No parent should have to worry that their child's illness will send them into crippling debt. Universal healthcare is a universal right. That is why I fully support Whole Washington." 

Siabhon Ayuso Former Candidate for Lakewood City Council

"Universal Healthcare is more effective and less expensive for the vast majority of people, with the obvious exception of those who can pay out of pocket to go see the doctor anyway."

Tyler Vega Former Candidate for Port Townsend City Council