Volunteer Milestones

White Center Pride

Collecting signatures for universal healthcare is fun, rewarding, and easy! This is a popular policy all over the state, and people want a choice from what we have. Being a Signature Captain means committing to 500 signatures. With some consistency and/or working large events, 500 is an achievable goal. Once you make that milestone, you’ll want to keep going. You can do this!

Check out these amazing signature milestones:

Signatures Collected and Entered

Last updated: 10/3/22

500+ Signatures

Adrian W.
Cil P.
Eileen B.
Georgia D.
Jenny M.
Joy C.
Linda C.
Roxanne T.
Scott D.
Sean Makarin
Vicki R.

1000+ Signatures

Andre S.
Christa E.
Dave S.
Elena VG.
Janet Y.
Judy D.
Lisa C.
Veronica G.

1500+ Signatures

Kathryn L.
Kelsey B.
Maralyn C.
Pam K.

2000+ Signatures

Carey W.
Jen N.
Laura F.
Linda B.
Merle A.

2500+ Signatures

John G.

3000+ Signatures

Lana B.
Lori B.
Michelle B.

3500+ Signatures

4000+ Signatures

4500+ Signatures

5000+ Signatures

5500+ Signatures

6000+ Signatures

Karen S.