Volunteer Questionnaire

5 Volunteer Types

We see five categories of volunteer work. They can overlap, and you're not restricted to only one, but selecting one in the questionnaire will help us connect you and get you started.

1) Tell Me What To Do / Direct Action

You like to show up and do what’s needed. You don’t want to be involved in planning but want to be trained and have clear direction. Once you have that, you'll get it done.

This might look like...

  • gathering signatures (when the campaign starts) OR
  • tabling at an event or Farmer’s Market OR
  • waving signs at an intersection OR
  • sending in comments OR
  • calling your elected official with a basic script

2) I Have Some Skills / Behind the Scenes

You have some talent that you can bring to the operation. You like being involved a bit more deeply and lean toward more project-based work.

This might look like...

  • Website Help - improving functionality, making updates, adding content
  • Graphics Help - create flyers, brochures, social media content
  • Communications Help - write newsletters, email updates, website content, press releases
  • Camera Help - photo and video content, including editing
  • Data Help - run reports and do analysis
  • Grant Writing Help - prepare proposals or search for programs where we might be a good fit

3) I Want to Build My Community / Local Leader

You prefer real life connections over online interactions. You know your neighbors (or want a reason to know them better), you know the best community spots and local events.

This might look like...

  • Hosting a movie night to screen Healing US in your home or an event space
  • Getting to know the Farmers Market(s) in your area
  • Forming a local team to strategize events
  • Holding Healthcare Happy Hours or Coffee Chats to talk about anything and everything related to healthcare
  • Welcoming new volunteers in your neighborhood

Truthfully, this is probably the most amazing thing you can do!

4) I Want to Connect Networks / Outreach & Coalition Building

You may have your own network of organizations to bring into the movement or you may want to go after new endorsements.

This might look like...

  • Connecting with other campaigns
  • Attending the meetings for other organizations and making Whole Washington announcements
  • Doing presentations to groups of people about our campaign

5) I have Campaign Experience / Big Picture

You have the experience, possibly in a campaign or experience with large fundraising or event planning to join an Advisory Committee or the Board of Directors. You want to help take the campaign to the next level.

We're immensely grateful for your interest in the Whole Washington campaign. No matter what form your involvement takes, just remember there is tremendous value in simply spreading awareness. Conversations about healthcare come up organically with our friends, family, and peers. If you know someone that's struggling or frustrated with the current system, let them know there's a way to channel that energy. The more people that know we exist and are actively pursuing Universal Healthcare, the more successful we'll be.

Thanks for being here.