Whole Washington Volunteer Form

Pledged Signatures
Updated as of 5/2/21

We're about to embark on our second attempt to get Universal Healthcare passed in Washington State. As an organization committed to full disclosure, we want to disclose the factors working against us.

  • 'Wet' signatures are required. Despite health risks, the Secretary of State has made no allowance for online signatures.
  • Mailing petitions is expensive, and the return rate is historically very low.
  • Our funds are not where they need to be. We're still a fully volunteer organization and cannot pay signature gatherers. Please DONATE if you're able.
  • While vaccinations are rolling out, variant strains mean closures are still possible.
  • Large public events aren't fully ramped up yet. These are the primary source for high quantities of signatures, and some won't be rescheduled in time for us to take advantage of them.
  • Because the signature requirement is based on the last election's high voter turnout, we have to collect even more signatures than before: 405,000!

With such significant hurdles, why would we consider taking this on? We believe this isn't a choice. It's imperative that we try. Too many people are suffering, destitute, and dying. We have to transform our healthcare system with urgency.

Thank you for completing the Volunteer Form. We intend to make history.