Submit a Town Hall Event

How To Submit An Event

Whole Washington wants to come to your town and community between April and July 2024!  We want to make it to every corner of Washington and hear about your problems with healthcare in your community!

Your Town Hall must have a Local Contact Person! Either yourself or someone from your group willing to help us organize the event.  We need someone familiar with your local community to help us make this a great event for both you and Whole Washington.  We would love to be able to schedule some actions before the event, such as sign waving, bannering over a popular overpass, maybe a Healthcare Happy Hour and then trainings for people interested in learning more about volunteering for Whole Washington!

  • Please submit your request to host an event here.
  • Submit what you know about your requested time/place. Just a preferred or general date/time is fine and we can see where it fits into the schedule.  We WILL get back with you on whether a team of Whole Washington Leads is available to support your event.
  • Events can be small in-home gatherings of your friends and relatives or public gatherings of your local community, recreational and political organizations!  Small or large; we want to talk with Washingtonians about their healthcare and how our Washington Health Trust can improve it!

What to Include

  1. Provide an event name, requested date and suggested location of your proposed event.
    • Please do not include an event website or Image.  We will place a Town Hall event url  and image in this space.
  2. Include your name and as the person requesting and also add yourself as an organizer so that we will have your phone number and email. Go ahead and add any other organizations who are also sponsoring the Town Hall.   We WILL be contacting you in order to find out more details and to discuss availability.
  3. Please make sure we have the best way and best time to contact you.  ie. Do you work nights, evenings, weekends. What day(s) time(s) are best to try and reach out to you.
  4. Have a question? Send us an email at [email protected]

Once your event is submitted, we will contact you to finalize the details before it is approved and posted in the Calendar. Together, we can "Make Healthcare Happen" in Washington state!

P.S. The sooner we can get these scheduled, the sooner we can order some event T-shirts (similar to concert tour shirts), so make sure your town is represented!