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Building a movement is hard work, and not something we do alone. We build off the collective success of many types of groups and organizations. We carry forward the work of inspirational activists and advocates. Furthermore, our work is built from centuries of social justice work around all kinds of issues – civil rights, labor rights, peace efforts, healthcare justice, etc. We are all tied together.

Every time we show up we are all pulling at the threads that have created injustice in our society and collectively, with each thread we pull, we move closer to unraveling the structures of oppression that prevent us all from thriving.

Thank you for showing up. This newsletter is for you.


Honoring Ady Barkan

Join us on December 11, as we honor the life and work of Ady Barkan with a free showing of Not Going QuietlyGET YOUR TICKETS HERE

“To honor his life, let us dedicate ourselves to completing his work”

-Senator Bernie Sanders


Solidarity with Striking Workers

Healthcare being tied to our employment has been described as “a boot on the neck of the working class.” With our current profit-driven system of insurance tied to employment, access to healthcare is threatened during a strike, limiting the rights of workers to fight for fair wages or improved working conditions.

Whole Washington volunteers, including Jason Call, Jeffery Denton, and Stefi Hallstrom, showed up in Everett and participated in solidarity with the UFCW 3000 nurses on strike as they demand Providence health systems put patients over profits.

Whole Washington is still actively seeking the endorsement of labor unions in Washington. If you are a union member, please consider submitting Whole Washington for consideration to YOUR union.

If you’re willing to show up with us – or if you work with another organization interested in building coalition – we want to hear from YOU!

Fill out the Volunteer Form or send a quick email to [email protected].


Showing up for SMASH

Whole Washington Board Members and volunteers attended SMASH 6th annual benefit concert. We appreciate SMASH for their endorsement and support the great work they do connecting Seattle musicians with high-quality, low-cost medical, dental, and mental health care. Organizations like SMASH are vital – especially as we continue our fight for universal healthcare at the state and federal level.

Upcoming Events


Volunteer Meeting – Mon 12/4

Fundraising Meetings – 12/6, 12/20

Commission Team Meeting – Wed 12/6

Federal Strategy Team Meeting – Thurs 12/21

UHCC Meeting Thurs 12/14

Whole Washington was invited to present to the Commission again in December. We’ll be on the agenda for the 12/14 meeting and will have more information about content soon.

A quick reminder regarding the Universal Health Care Commission dates we are tracking:

  • The UHCC analysis of the Washington Health Trust due by 6/2024 and
  • the annual UHCC report due by 11/2024

Save the Date! Whole Washington will be hosting an online showing of the documentary film Speaking of Slay the Dragon🍿 Sunday, January 21st, 2024 🍿- more details to come.

Join us December 11, 2023 as we honor the life and work of Ady Barkan with a free showing of Not Going Quietly – GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!

Save the Date! Whole Washington Fundraising Team hosts a double feature of Power to Heal.

🍿In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. –  Monday, Jan 15 @ 5:30pm 🍿

🍿In honor of Black History Month – Monday, Feb 19th @ 5:30pm 🍿

Event links to come!

—————————————————————————————————————————————–Thanks for reading this update, and thank you for staying involved!

Please consider a recurring donation. Especially if you’re unable to contribute time or if you simply want to help create a steady stream of support for this long-haul effort, we would be very grateful for a recurring donation. $5 a month, $10 or $20 a month, goes a long way!

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And as always, we’d love to hear from you.

Whole Washington

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