Pam and Laura in Wright Park holding petitions

Whole WA in the Tacoma Weekly

Nurses Push For Universal Healthcare By Stephanie Valenti Whole Washington members are asking for help in gathering 400,000 signatures by Dec. 30 to advocate for Initiative 1471. Volunteers Pam Ketzner, a retired nurse, and Laura Fielding, a holistic healthcare practitioner, were at Wright Park on Wednesday, June 22, collecting signatures for Whole Washington’s Initiative 1471....

Petition summary in background plus i-1471

We Have an Initiative Number! I-1471

It’s really happening! Our initiative is making its way through the process. The Secretary of State assigned our number. It’s 1471 and we’re feeling incredibly hopeful about it! There are some final approval steps and then off to the printers. We’ll be able to start gathering signatures in early May. Now is the perfect time to...

Whole Washington is on Jenerational Change Podcast!

Georgia Davenport joins JENERATIONAL CHANGE Based in South Florida, this podcast is hosted by Jen Perelman, Congressional candidate who challenged Debbie Wasserman Schultz challenger. Always great discussion on progressive policy, and this episode features Whole Washington and the strategy to win Single Payer healthcare through the states!

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