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There’s so much happening in the world and in our campaign space. This email will get you WHOLEy up-to-date for February. First up…

Healthcare Forum with Dr. Jill Stein!

The powerhouse Green Party campaign is in Seattle next week and will host a panel discussion focusing on healthcare.

Join Whole Washington and the Green Party of Washington on Tuesday, Feb 27th for a panel forum with Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party Congressional Candidate (WA02) & Whole Washington Board member Jason Call (also Stein’s Campaign Manager), and other single-payer healthcare activists.

The Green Party is dedicated to ensuring a federal universal healthcare system, and many local members have been committed to the success of the Washington Health Trust legislation. There will be a Q&A opportunity following the speakers and panel discussion.

Link to event page. Reach out to [email protected] for more information.

WHEN: 2:00 – 4:00 pm on Tues 2/27

WHERE: Cornish College – Raisbeck Performance Hall

2015 Boren Ave, Seattle 98121

It’s important to note, Whole Washington does not endorse candidates. However, they can endorse us! And we encourage healthcare discussions like this whenever possible.

SJM 8006 is on to the Rules Committee

We’re thrilled to report the bill made it through the Health & Wellness Committee in the House and is heading to the Rules Committee. Our fingers are crossed, anticipating a floor vote.

For a deeper understanding on this legislation, check out Why SJM 8006 Must Pass This Session by our Executive Director Andre Stackhouse.

A Message from our Board Chair

I have met so many amazing Whole Washington volunteers over the phone these last few months. I’ve heard stories about collecting candidate endorsements, talking to small business owners, organizing events, and even impromptu signature collection in Spokane! I’ve been privileged to chat with some really great people. It’s exciting to learn about our diverse and collective experiences – with volunteering, but also our lives.

As volunteers, we’re asked to learn new skills to support the work of this organization. It can be really intimidating, but also quite empowering. I’ve come out of these conversations struck by our bravery, our passion to make the world a better place, our resilience, and our resolve to continue the work – to see it through.

This organization is nothing without our volunteers. As volunteers, we may not always feel seen or that our efforts are making a difference, but I promise you they are. Thank you for all you’ve done, all you’re currently doing, and if you’re just jumping in – thank you in advance!

Let’s make healthcare happen.


We Reached the T-Shirt Goal to Print!

Fantastic news that we reached the number of sales needed to ensure a printing! We’re so excited. Thank you to all who have ordered so far!

Check out the groovy Tie Dye!

  • Now listen up–the campaign closes on 3/4/24.
  • That’s only 12 days left. Don’t miss out! ORDER HERE
  • Did we mention there are long-sleeve options? oooh la la

YOU Belong in this Movement

Hey there. This is Jen.

Earlier this week I attended a heart-expanding webinar called Right-Sized Belonging – Six Practices for Organizers. To say it was valuable is an understatement. This focus on us and how we can work together, see and embrace each other, and grow collectively and individually is a true guiding light.

Here are the 6 Principles

  • Anchor your purpose: Ground people in an organizational purpose that is clear, motivating, and aligned with the material needs of your membership.
  • Approach problems with collective governance: Meet collective challenges with cross-organizational practice, ensuring there are ways to collectively hold different parts of the work.
  • Set boundaries and expectations: Evaluate and communicate organizational boundaries that define what you work on, how you operate, who you are accountable to, and what you will or will not do.
  • Understand trauma and build emotional skill: Meet the emotional moment by understanding the ways trauma impacts key membership, and clarify how the organization addresses and holds that trauma.
  • Increase conflict resilience: Create conditions that enable people to practice disagreement and generative conflict.
  • Connect to a broader movement ecosystem: Build strong organizational connections with other groups, healers, and resources to strengthen our movement ecosystem and widen belonging.

And here’s the recorded video.

Set aside some time and treat yourself. I’d love to hear your thoughts.  

Olympia in Early March will be🔥🔥🔥🔥

Don’t wait until the last minute. Start working on your signs now, and let’s be thinking about carpooling. The more, the merrier. And more powerful.

Saturday 3/2    Poor People’s Campaign March. Register here

Wednesday 3/6   Healthcare Rally on the Capitol Steps

in partnership with Healthcare for All Washington and PSARA

With so many ways to show up, keep checking the Calendar for Strategy Team Meetings, In-Person Events, and more. And remember the Monthly Meeting for March is Monday 3/4. Your involvement is contagious and inspiring.

You belong,

Whole Washington

P.S. Monthly donations keep us powered up for the long haul. Even $5 or $10 a month makes a huge impact. Thank you for considering!

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