🍎 Is Whole Washington on your ballot?

Happy election week!

Whole Washington is continuing to gather signatures for I-1471 to get universal healthcare on the ballot statewide. But does your ballot already have a Whole Washington supporter on it? As you fill out your ballot, check out these candidates for office who have endorsed or cosponsored at least one version of the Washington Health Trust!

Thank you to all our supporters!

Legislative District Candidate
1 Rep. Davina Duerr (WA State House)
11 Rep. David Hackney (WA State House)
14 Liz Hallock (WA State House)
18 John Zingale (WA State House)
19 Cara Cusack (WA State House)
Kelli Hughes-Ham (WA State House)
21 Sen. Marko Liias (WA State Senate)
23 Rep. Tarra Simmons (WA State House)
24 Rep. Steve Tharinger (WA State House)
32 Patricia Weber (WA State Senate)
33 Sen. Karen Keiser (WA State Senate)
34 Leah Griffin (WA State House)
Sen. Joe Nguyen (WA State Senate)
35 James DeHart (WA State House)
36 Rep. Liz Berry (WA State House)
Julia Reed (WA State House)
37 Emijah Smith (WA State House)
39 Jessica Wadhams (WA State House)
40 Rep. Debra Lekanoff (WA State House)
Rep. Alex Ramel (WA State House)
41 Rep. My-Linh Thai (WA State House)
43 Rep. Frank Chopp (WA State House)
46 Rep. Gerry Pollet (WA State House)
Darya Farivar (WA State House)
Rep. Javier Valdez (WA State Senate)
48 Sen. Patricia Kuderer (WA State Senate)

We’d like to thank all candidates who make healthcare justice a core issue of their campaigns – with your support, from within our legislature and without, we can 100% make universal healthcare a reality in Washington state.

You can always endorse Whole Washington by filling out the form at this link:

Note: The above list contains both sitting members and candidates for both the Washington State House of Representatives and the Washington State Senate. It does not include city council members or federal legislators. Candidates listed here have endorsed at least one version of the Washington Health Trust in its initiative (I-1600, I-1362, I-1471) or legislative form (SB. 5222, SB. 5204).

For a more detailed list of endorsements go to WholeWashington.org/endorsements, and email [email protected] for additional details or clarifications.

Organizing opportunities this week

Whole Washington is continuing to develop our 2023 campaign strategy, please join us at one of the upcoming opportunities to organize with us:

For those who haven’t seen it yet, we have developed a very comprehensive Lobbying Tracker to identify, track, and expand our support within Washington State legislatures, councils, and commissions. Find your district and see which of your representatives support Whole Washington!
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