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Election cycles come and go, but to win universal healthcare, we have to hold the line!

Whole Washington is a grassroots organization, made up of volunteers putting in what they can. We are more than a campaign; we’re a movement. The bigger our movement, the stronger we are, both for Washington and the nation. It can take even a simple conversation to inspire someone to get on board with universal healthcare.

There are DOZENS of ways you can help Whole Washington grow. You can:

1. Help collect signatures, by finding the nearest event to you.

2. Get others to join in signature gathering: If you can get five friends to commit to just one petition sheet each by the end of the week, you got us 100 signatures closer to our goal!

3. Spread the word! Have a chat with coworkers, friends or family, or even strangers when collecting signatures. You can also write a letter to the editor, post fliers, or post on social media about Whole Washington. Make us impossible to ignore!

Remember, this movement is about US. The more people involved, in even the simplest ways, the stronger we’ll be.

Weekly Volunteer Meeting

Please join us tonight at 7:00 PM for our weekly campaign-wide working meeting. Bring your ideas for a dream campaign, your questions, your inspiration, and your readiness to continue the fight for universal healthcare. We’re in it to win it, now and forever!

Total Signatures Collected: 67,210

Once you collect signatures, what happens next? It’s important to make sure we get the data and the sheets as quickly as possible!

1) Upload the data, along with any new contacts for volunteers. This helps our movement grow! We also have volunteers who can upload the data for you.

2) Make sure you get filled petition sheets to the nearest bin! We’ll need them all collected in just a few months.

3) Request more sheets!

Just Doing the Math

If everyone in our contact list collected just one petition sheet each, we will meet our goal of 400,000 signatures. As a movement, we rely on all of

our collective hard work, but the more volunteers we have, the easier that work becomes. We can put healthcare on the ballot if all of us can make this commitment.

It really can be that easy.

1) Request your petition sheet here,

2) get 20 signatures (a typical shift is just two hours), and

3) drop off the sheet at your nearest bin and upload the data.

A Brand New Option – Mail Me a Petition!

Effective immediately, we can send up to 10 petitions directly to you. This is a great way to contribute to the 400,000 signature goal! Ask your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Every signature gets us closer to our goal.

We’re getting down to the wire! We know October is a busy month for political activity, as we head toward the Midterms. If you can volunteer to collect 20 signatures on top of another campaign or at another rally, you can help us put universal healthcare on the ballot!

If you’re unable to volunteer, would you consider making a financial contribution? We’re so grateful for the help.

Donate Today!

In solidarity,

Whole Washington

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