🍎Empowering States: The State Based Universal Health Care Act

Big news! Senator Ed Markey from MA is introducing the State Based Universal Health Care Act (SBUHCA) in the U.S. Senate! For years, the bill has been held solely in the House of Representatives by Representative Ro Khanna. This move brings real hope to activists working for transformation at the state level. Like the House bill (HB 6270), the SBUHCA gives states the power and support needed to design and implement their own Universal Healthcare systems. We all know the hurdles of ERISA law and obtaining waivers that allow access to funds from federal programs like Medicare. This bill provides solutions.

A letter campaign, sponsored by One Payer States and 14 other healthcare organizations, seeks to garner as many original co-sponsors as possible. Send a quick email asking your Senators to co-sponsor!


List of partnering organization on this action

As of this post, over 1200 letters have been sent, the majority going to the Senators from Washington State. It’s time for Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray to lead the charge. Signing on at this early stage shows leadership and the capacity to work with activists on transformative approaches to healthcare.

The deadline for this letter campaign is tomorrow at 4/2/24 at 2 PM PST! Additionally, the SBUHCA is scheduled for a hearing on Wednesday.

Calls are also effective. Please call the offices of Murray and Cantwell to voice your support!




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